Christmas Card Wreath

There is one thing on my holiday to-do list that still isn't done - decorating the dining room for the Christmas dinner. I always tend to leave that to last since our dining room is holiday HQ for wrapping and crafting and other general messes.


I did get myself a tiny bit in gear on Sunday night by tackling the mirror in my dining room. After a wonderful smelling wreath from Green Valley arrived, I was inspired to get going. Last year I did a silverware snowflake wreath but I wanted to do something different. I used some bits and bobs I had laying around the house (except for the nuts and bolts, I had to make dole out a few pennies each for those) to make a Christmas Card display wreath. I added some peppermint candy as well to spell out 'JoY' just for a little more whimsy.


Obviously I'll have to do a bit more to the dining room to make it merry and bright but its a start.


I love having this years Christmas cards front and center but not all members of the household are impressed. Snooze.


  1. Jennifer_spadaro10:13 AM

    It's all very cute so far! I love the peppermint candy on the mirror, i havrmt seen that before. How many people are you entertaining for this holiday?

  2. Alandval201112:44 PM

    I loooveee that dining room mirror by the way...

  3. I absolutely love the mirror!! I think it turned out beyond cute!!

  4. I love the card wreath!  How did you affix it to the regular wreath, though?  And where did you find the circle?  I'd like to do this, too!

  5. MrsLimestone3:03 PM

    The circle is a wreath ring (you can buy them at craft stores for a couple of bucks). The ring got affixed with a little wire but you could also use glue or ribbon. Pretty much anything would work. Hope that helps!

  6. MrsLimestone3:04 PM

    Thanks Renee.

  7. MrsLimestone3:04 PM

    Not so many this year - just 7. Every other year we have a larger crowd and this is an off year so it will be more low key.

  8. Wrenaria3:57 PM

    I love when you include pictures of your cat. So cute. <3

  9. besoterio5:43 PM

    Great wreath!

  10. goagainstthegrain10:27 PM

    love the J made with peppermints!

  11. Katrinkawolfson1:39 AM

    what did you use to get the peppermints to stick to the mirror?

  12. MrsLimestone8:38 AM

    I used a tiny bit of that tacky poster stuff (the kind you use in college to hang posters up on dorm walls)

  13. MrsLimestone8:38 AM

    Thanks. There is a Y too :)


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