Christmas Snaps

Just a few snapshots of life around here lately.

On my nice list.You've got mail.GlitteratiBrown paper packages, tied up with...tape.  Off to the post office I go.
On the road again.Giant balls? Yes!

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Merry Merry.


  1. Ugh, your pictures make me miss living in the city! I'll definitely have to schedule a trip soon :)

    ~Stop Me if You've Heard This One

  2. Savannah Boyd10:47 AM

    Love the ribbons on your gifts as tags. Really cute!

  3. So fun to live in NY this time of year as its gorgeous!!

  4. Rockefeller was my stop. i miss nyc SOOOOOOOOO much

  5. Ellie A10:45 AM

    Hoping to get into the City this weekend I can't believe its Christmas next week! The HUGE ornaments are my fav. thing to see well of course besides the Tree. Its a MUST pic of the kids in front of them (Ornaments)

  6. MrsLimestone10:49 AM

    Have fun. On the next block there are oversized holiday lights that are kind of cute too. Sometimes a little less crowded over there than it is near the ornaments.

  7. Even your snapshots are perfectly creative,  love:)


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