Favorite Photos of 2011

I hope you are enjoying these looks back at 2011 (and if you are hating them, I promise this is the last countdown!). Today's list is a very unscientific recap of my favorite photos of the year. Some I've taken on trips, some right here at home.

2011DSC_0477Barcelona, Feb 2011.jpgAustralia (56 of 308)
Australia (253 of 308)2011DSC_0986Brooklyn.jpgAustralia (308 of 308)
2011DSC_0138Grand Central Terminal, New York City.jpgBrussels-68
WEBVERSIONMatthewMeadHolidayBehindtheScenes-1Goldfish Painting

I definitely feel like Ive become a better photographer this year. Still lots to learn of course but taking lots of photos for Brooklyn Limestone has helped teach me certain techniques and craft a personal style without even realizing it.

Did you have a favorite I missed? Or did you do a similar post on your blog? Please drop me a line or leave a comment - I'd love to see.


  1. Becky9:20 AM

    Your pictures are awesome. I love the last one... great colors in the skyline and even on the rocks near you. Great job! I got a new camera for Christmas and hopefully I will be improving my photo skills in 2012. Happy New Year!

  2. Gorgeous photos. I can't even pick a favorite! Can't wait to see what you snap in 2012!

  3. Kaitlyn10:58 AM

    beautiful pictures!

  4. It would be hard to pick a favorite out of those pictures! Have a wonderful New Year, Laura

  5. Keith Free12:23 PM

    I love love love the last picture just north of the BK Bridge park. It's so great that they actually started developing this area. I hope the sculpture park never has to move as a result. Any chance I could snag a high-res copy? I'd love to use this as a wallpaper/background.

  6. Megan@twodelighted12:23 PM

    You really take such lovely pictures. You always have such an interesting vision. The picture in the top left with the sky and the lamppost is my favorite. Beauty beauty.

  7. Jessica2:49 PM

    My goodness, these photos are AMAZING!!!! You are an awesome photographer! Thank you for sharing!!

  8. Kendallsimmons26:00 PM

    You are such a talent! These are all so beautiful.

  9. Julie7:59 PM

    I'm loving these year recaps!  Your photos are so amazing, they inspire me to want to learn how to take better pictures!

  10. These are fantastic! I asked for and received a Fujifilm Instax camera for Christmas (takes wallet-sized Polaroid-like pics), and I can't wait to get busy with it. I need to get serious about my photography this year. 

  11. You capture light beautifully...especially in the dark.  I always find that difficult.  Any tips on that would be great!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. I love recaps.  Your photos make me want to pack a small suitcase and head to the airport.  Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  13. Meg Carter7:14 PM

    Thanks for the inspiration!  I love the one of the carnival ride in the sky. I borrowed your idea and posted my top 10 photos from the year on my blog.  http://madebymeg.net/blog/top-10-photos-from-2011/

  14. Miss Charming9:38 PM

    Such beautiful photography.

  15. Heather Ricardi10:27 AM

    I just can't pick a favorite photo from your post! It must have been like pulling teeth to narrow them down. I know it was for me on my favorite photos post today!

    Have a warm & fuzzy midnight tonight! Cheers to you & your 2012 ahead of you,
    Heather @ Find That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

  16. Margmryan2:36 AM

    Now every time I see a fish I think of your fish painting so love that photo :-)

  17. Theresa Allen1:07 PM

    beautiful work, i especially LOVE the first and fourth photos, where you're looking up at the sky with the streetlight (?) and some kind of carnival ride...any chance these prints are for sale? would love to have them as a set.

  18. Pablo Bouzada6:11 PM

    Love the pictures, as I always do... They are always so inspiring! =)
    Happy New Year and hope to see even more of your pictures this year!
    Regards from Spain.


  19. MrsLimestone9:06 AM

    Thanks Theresa! Yes, they are for sale. You can browse my prints here: http://mrslimestone.zenfolio.com/

  20. robynpurdie11:23 AM

    such beautiful photos-didn't do a recap or anything-but have some photos of my recent trip to Ethiopia if you fancy stopping by.


  21. Christa12:54 AM

    I always love your photos. . . and all your travel great decorating and party ideas you have as your subjects! Here a few of my favorites from 2011:


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