Wrapping Up Christmas & a winner!

Today being Jan 6 (aka Little Christmas), its time to put away this years decorations and get on with real life. As usual, I took almost no photos on Christmas day (I tend to get caught up in the fun and forget to pick up my camera once the guests arrive) but here are a couple of my last minute centerpiece and peppermint crusted cranberry cocktail bar.


And now that the holidays are behind us, what better time to do the Blogger Secret Santa reveal? Tada! Did you guess right? The winner of the guessing game giveaway is: Leigh. Email me to collect your prize.


Big thanks to the wondeful ladies that participated. I hope they had as much fun as I did.
4 men 1 lady ** bryn alexandra ** emily a clark **
house of smiths ** the inspired room ** isabella and max rooms
la dolce vita ** lovely little details ** making it lovely
mustard seed interiors ** pure style home ** save the date 4 cupcakes
ten june ** thrifty decor chick ** you stir me ** young house love

Have a great weekend. I'll be back on Monday with a serious design challenge I can't figure a way to solve - get your thinking caps on.


  1. Your table turned out really pretty and the cranberry cocktail bar so fun!

  2. Heidi P.12:10 PM

    Wow! I zero out of 17! How is that even possible?! :) This is why I always had to study for tests in hs and college because guessing was NOT my strong suite. :)

  3. Mary Raynes2:58 PM

    What a magnificent Christmas table!  

  4. Wow your Xmas table was gorgeous!!!

  5. Michelle9:52 PM

    Why is it never as  much fun and joy pulling down the tree and packing it all away!

  6. What a beautiful centerpiece!

  7. I love your shallow champagne glasses. My mom has some (pink Depression glass, so gorgeous) and I've been looking for some myself. I'm guessing yours are vintage?

    Love your blog, btw! I've been reading through the archives and have finally about caught up! ^_^

  8. Thanks Jenny. Yes, they are vintage. They were a gift from a really sweet woman when we moved in.

  9. CML32678:06 AM

    Could you please send me your recipe for Banoffee Pie to CML3267@aol.com? Thank you. Ms. Lindsey

  10. The recipe is posted here - just do a search in the search box at the right and you will find it.


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