Conquered Closet: Plain & Fancy Basement

Welcome Amy from from Plain & Fancy Living who is not only gorgeous and talented (take a look at her DIY version of a beautiful piece of artwork) but is also organized to boot! Today she is taking us underground with a peek into her storage area so we can see simple and smart solution to a problem almost any homeowner struggles with: basement overun.


I am happy to share a project that my husband and I tackled over the holiday break. I think everyone is in the mood to organize and shed some clutter for the New Year. We decided to buy industrial shelves for our basement from our local hardware store.

We assembled the shelves and started sorting through the boxes. We now have a large "yard sale" pile.

I knew that I wanted to be able to organize my serving pieces, entertaining and holiday decor. I intentionally left lots of room on the shelves to retrieve items as I need them and I wanted a place for new items that I will purchase during the year.

These adjustable shelves are perfect for our needs because each holds up to 800 lbs. We don't have to worry about overloading them. I can easily see what is on each shelf and I organized items by color (clear, silver and white). I put seasonal decor all on one set of shelves.

Thanks so much for letting me visit!


  1. What a great idea to line the shelves up and organize by style, holiday etc. Great job Amy!

    Please do stop by and join my Valentine Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  2. LauraCYW12:58 PM

    I'm impressed. I need more organization in my life.

  3. Doesn't it feel so good to get projects like this accomplished? I have my eye on some shelves like these for our garage and always fancied the idea of curating all our serving pieces like this for better visibility and quick access. Well done!

  4. hundgestrickt5:32 AM

    Great job! It looks so neat. I am just organizing our storage/workshop room in the basement this month. It looked so overwhelming but I am so happy with my progress so far. We have an assortment of shelves and cupboards in there, like our old kitchen and once I'll have some more wall space freed from stuff there might go in another shelving unit.
    Glad to see our walls arent the only "raw" ones .-)
    Tina in Germany, heading downstairs now for another session!

  5. Plain & Fancy Living10:42 AM

    Thanks so much for having PFL on your blog! I have followed you for so long and love all that you do. You are such great inspiration Stephanie. Thanks again! xo

    Amy R. {plain & fancy living}

  6. It would be wonderful to have a basement for storage!

  7. This is a total dream, it's like your very own prop closet! Great job Amy :)

  8. I'm loving this! We have an unfinished basement in our new place (a rental) that we're in desperate need of organizing. Do you mind telling me where I could find shelves like those?

  9. Lisa Rozario3:50 PM

    These shelves are the  best, I am sure. I have to have similar shelving in the garage some day when I have cleaned out all the construction material left from renovations.

  10. I'm impressed. I need more organization in my life.



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