Shore files: a new blue

Guess what I spent my Saturday doing?

ShoreBedroomPainting (8 of 25)
I survived the home depot paint desk.

Yep, thats right. We finally got around to painting the shore bedroom. Here is what she looked like before we started.

ShoreBedroomPainting (1 of 25)
It was time to say goodbye to the monotone in here - soothing as she was, i wanted some drama.

For those of you remember Trading Spaces, this is the part of the program where the designer flips open the can and the homeowners ooh and ahh (or gasp in horror) over the color.

ShoreBedroomPainting (9 of 25)ShoreBedroomPainting (10 of 25)

Ta-da! This color pick will come as no surprise for those who knew I was crazy for navy. I went back and forth a while on the color before going for the gusto with a true navy - Glidden Street Lamp Black. I was *this* close with going with more of greyed out dark, dark blue that looked almost black (benjamin moore's mysterious) but figured this would be a little more nautical. Plus I wanted to try out the DUO paint since it promised no primer coat was needed (and I was so happy not to have to spend the whole weekend watching paint dry)

After a few hours of cleaning and taping and general prep, on the color went...
ShoreBedroomPainting (13 of 25)
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Thats right, we use a chair instead of a ladder to paint on. That's how we roll at the beach.

The color was a bit bright as it went on. I was sweating a little bit as I had visions of superman blue instead of my nautical navy. Thankfully, it got much more lovely as it dried.

After the first coat we went out to kill the requisite 4 hours before coming back for the second coat. Much to my relief, it only needed two coats to cover. (Years ago, I painted a wall red using Ralph Lauren paint and it needed 4 coats.)

The waiting game was on to see what this shebang was going to look like when it was all done. The sun set. We took a nap.

Stay tuned for the big reveal tomorrow.


  1. Megan@twodelighted8:55 AM

    I love navy blue and I am sure it will be lovely.  Nothing as satisfying as those first few rolls of the new color.  Did you like the Duo paint.  I have never tried Glidden.

  2. Can't wait for the reveal. I bet it looks amazing.

  3. Angela8:58 AM

    I love it!! 

  4. This was my first try at using Glidden Duo. So many painting purists told me that priming is a must even when using one of the no prime brands so I was a bit worried. But this paint covered really well. Dark colors like this can be a real problem and need so many coats you want to jump out a window by the time its over. So I was overjoyed that it covered beautifully in 2 coats. For that reason alone, I would recommend it. I didn't get to see it completely dry in daylight so I can't fairly judge the finish on it. I used flat paint and i think its a little less flat than Im used to with other brands. But I like a really really really flat, chalky finish - not something most people care about.

  5. Love the navy color, hope it dried nicely!  I always use my kitchen chairs instead of ladders when painting and that's not a good thing, I'm a messy painter and drip on my chairs from time to time.  Glad to see you keep it clean!  ;) 

  6. I think this going to look fabulous!

  7. I love it, I love it, I love it.  I can't wait for the reveal!

  8. Aaaaaggghh! How could you keep us in suspense. Can't wait to see what it looks like!

  9. Kirsten12:07 PM

    Love the boldness of the navy - can't wait to see the reveal!

  10. Elizabeth12:22 PM

    Gray primer under red paint is a must!  Loving the dark blue and that two coats was all it took without primer either.  Can't wait for the reveal!

  11. Liisa_f1:18 PM

    love it so far nice color..

  12. I'm feeling good!  I vote for fabulous!! 

  13. newlywoodwards4:44 PM

    I'm really excited to see this! I hemmed and hawwed about painting the nursery walls navy, and I have a feeling I'll regret not doing it when I see your room.

  14. The bold color choice is great.  We used Glidden Duo in a recent renovation project (we went from green to off white), but I found it to be a little thick to work with.  We went back to regular Glidden and were really happy with the coverage .

  15. What a pretty color!

  16. The paint was a bit thick but I didn't have any problem working with it. If anything, it made it easier for me not to have lots of drips or messes (which is a big problem for a lazy painter like me). But maybe regular Glidden would have covered just as well?

  17. I knew that even back then but I was hoping to get away without priming. Wrong. There wasn't any no prime paint back then so I was just stuck doing lots of coats. So happy I don't have to worry about it anymore. Priming is the WORST!

  18. very pretty blue...i am huge on blue and love it.

  19. Sherryhdesigns8:23 AM

    Perfect! I needed a good navy to paint a wall at the beach! So using that one! I've already peeked and it looks fantastic. BAM !!!

  20. I LOVE navy blue, too (and rhyming!) and have recently decided to infuse my living room with pops of navy and lime green in an attempt to coordinate with my really weird green-gray-khaki colored sofa!  Was thinking of painting navy on an accent wall so I can't wait to see how yours turned out!  You can see my navy 'pops' here:


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