Looney for Balloons {Super 7}

You know I love to throw a party and several of you have asked me to show more of them on the blog. Sadly, I haven't any any party worthy occasions lately so I don't have a new one to share.

That said, I love to mentally store great party ideas like a squirrel putting acorns away for the winter. Lately I've been fixated on balloons. When used properly they make quite a great statement and can be affordable too.

1. set up a fabulous champagne bar via martha stewart 2. create a hanging balloon centerpice for your next party at home by eightfootsix 3. an awesomely sweet 30th birthday party from sara’s party perfect 4. ombre genius balloon arangement by little green notebook 5. a stunning dessert table featured on wedding chicks 6. ballons can be sultry from green wedding shoes 7. a festive photobooth seen on bridal musings

You'll notice something all of these uses have in common: QUANTITY! So thats the tip of the day. When using balloons (or really anything simple) you really need to use repetition and volume to fill the space to get the right impact.

So what do you think? Have you used balloons for a great party?


  1. Paula Sutton8:44 AM

    WOW - I am totally in love with your home AND your blog.  Your wooden floors have literally just made me faint - SO gorgeous.  Great tip on the balloons and other party decorations too - it's nice to read something creative that is inexpensive and achievable.  Great work!

  2. We just used lots of balloons for my son's 3rd birthday! The kids loved kicking around the balloons and we even had a pop-the balloons activity. It's also a great way to get a colour theme for a party.

  3. Sixtyfifthavenue9:57 AM

    I was wowed by the balloons  by eight foot six too, so fun!  I might give that a try for our littles up coming birthday.

  4. I've never done this and have always thought of them as a kid's thing. But don't these pics prove me wrong?  I especially like the idea of clustering them around a light fixture.  Will have to give it a try!

  5. love! I think an UP themed kid's birthday would be so fun... you know the movie where 1000's of helium balloons relocate the house? thanks for sharing your ideas.

  6. Love clusters of balloons together!  I recently used them in a stairwell for a champagne birthday party I threw - it was a stunning effect!


  7. I wish that I had done balloons at my wedding. I love the pic of the white, pink, and red -- those were my wedding colors.

  8. I just love balloons, but I never get quite the effect that I'm looking for. I think maybe I don't use enough. All of the pictures you shared are stunning, but I also wonder how long they would take to create. Would it be time prohibitive?

  9. Thanks for sharing this. I want to use the ombre balloon treatment at my sister-in-law's upcoming baby shower (it's a girl!). And I want to do something similar to Bridal Musings' for an informal photo booth at my wedding in September.

  10. Shannon8foot64:11 PM

    Thanks for including us!
    i love decorating with balloons... i blow up millions then wait for an idea to strike!!

  11. Shannon8foot64:12 PM


  12. My pleasure - it looked great!

  13. Cakes make birthday celebration complete. Balloons make everything more fun!


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