Take it Outside: Backyard in progress

We had some incredibly warm weather last week. Naturally that inspired me to turn my gaze onwards and outside. The plants in the back bed has filled out nicely hiding the less than stellar view. Time to use this space! (I think the last time I mentioned it was nearly 2 years ago when I got my deck together)

Backyard (1 of 3)

After much proding from Mr. L, I ordered an outdoor dining set last year. Sadly it took the company 4 months deliver making it just in time for winter. So after sitting in a box for a year, we pulled it all out, hex wrenched ourselves into a coma and voila. Outdoor dining room.

Backyard (2 of 3)

I wanted to get cracking on some DIY projects, outfit a firepit and add accessories but mother nature turned sour and it drizzled most of Sunday. So that will have to wait til next week. So lots more to do out here but its a start.

Backyard (3 of 3)

Big Cat isn't pleased with my slow progress. He is quite judgemental.


  1. Janelle Tubbs9:02 AM

    Where did you order your dining set from? That's exaclty what I've been looking for...

  2. Here is the set I ordered: http://www.homedecorators.com/detail.php?parentid=04708&search=04708&suggest=11&sItem=04707

    It took FOREVER to get here which I found frustrating since they don't tell you that before you order. (I could have canceled after I found out but at that point, I was worn down) That said I think the price was reasonable considering the quality. Definitely wait until you can get a good % off coupon if you can.

    I like the table well enough but it wasn't my first choice. I would have preferred these chairs: http://www.homedecorators.com/detail.php?parentid=04824&search=04824&suggest=11&sItem=04827 and this table: http://www.homedecorators.com/P/Zinc_Dining_Table/220/ but at the time the first set was $1500 and I wasn't able to find the chairs on their own or in the right color.

    Not that you needed all that detail but thought I'd mention it :)

  3. OOOH!  I love it!  Al fresco dining is the best!  Hope you both enjoy it.


  4. I would have added shrubs along the fences to hide them and provide additional privacy.

  5. rachel Webb1:36 PM

    How lucky you are to have that space in New York.

  6. BrittG2:00 PM

    OOoohh a firepit!  I just bought a limestone in Brooklyn myself and looked into installing a firepit and, alas, official docs say they are against city code in NYC. Do your neighbors have them? Is this a "don't ask, don't tell" situation?

  7. Lavenderandlilies6:47 PM

    It is a start.  It's a great space.  I can't wait to see what you do!  I am finally able to catch up on some of my favorite blogs.  I hope you are doing well!

  8. I love the table and chairs.  Your yard seems spacious for Brooklyn, no?  I also love how the cat is in every photo looking so not amused.  Gotta love them.

  9. Jen Y9:03 PM

    It's beautiful! You'll have so much fun putting this space all together. 

  10. michelle10:17 PM

    Its nice to see a snippet of your yard - that table is going to get a lot of use in the not to distant future I think! Good luck with the yard pimping :)

  11. Loving that outdoor table set! Kitty looks quite amused :)

  12. Brooklyn is a big place. Lots of people live in apartments so they have no yard or outdoor space. But there are plenty of houses too that have yards much larger than mine. If you were to compare my house to other houses, my yard is smaller than average. But im not complaining. Its plenty yard for me.

  13. Im not going to install one - I just have one of those little portable jobs. Everything seems to be against code but Ive seen other people use them so I assume its one of those things that isn't enforced. Hard to say really.

  14. If I had a wider yard, I might do that but Im not too worried about walling myself off from my neighbors. They are nice people.

  15. BrittG12:19 PM

    Interesting... maybe I'll go the same route!  I mean, worst case scenario, fdny just asks us to dispose of it... I'm good at playing dumb haha.

    Would be great on a day like today! Brr!!

  16. Wrenaria12:38 PM

    Cats frequently are.

  17. This is going to be my year of the backyard. Well, summer of the backyard. It's a disaster back there! 

  18. Janelle Tubbs3:05 PM

     Thanks! All that info is great. We just finished our patio yesterday (http://www.janelletubbs.com/at5053/2012/04/02/patio-la-la/) and I think with brick, the stucco house, and soon to come flagstone path, a wood dining set would be a great material to break all that up. Thanks for the great resource!

  19. Frankysportfolio1:59 PM

    Your kitty is too adorable! Check out our backyard makeover...let us know what you think!

  20. Franky9:42 AM

    love the type of stone you've chosen for your yard...did you completely take out all the grass?

  21. There wasn't really grass back here before but if you count overgrown weeds on broken pavement as grass, then yes.


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