5 years of April

It's April - hard to believe how fast time flies. Let's take a trip back to Aprils of years gone by.

All the way back in 2007 when I had approximately 3 very bored readers, April brought a new roof and a hunt for architectural salvage all over New England .

One year later we had finally moved in! Big cat had disappeared for a few days (thankfully he returned to very upset cat parents!), we sent out moving announcements, the backyard got some pretty plants, I wallpapered the back of my built ins and trimed out some store bought shades for the guest room.

One year later in 2009 we took a quick trip to London, mr. limestone surprised me with the mirror I had lusted after on craigslist (that soon became the frame around our bedroom tv), and I shared how much fun I had helping to throw a glam baby shower.

Zooming to 2010 I shared where to find some old school Brooklyn, our amazing trip to Cambodia and Thailand, a laid back baby shower for arrival #2, and a new rug in the box room.

And finally last year we got to be amazed by Australia, create an easy and whimsical window treatment.

Phew. Makes me tired just typing that all out.

If there was ever a reason to start a blog, this is a great one. Being able to look back at what I was doing at a particular point in time is a very special kind of time capscule.

Do you have your own methods of taking a trip back in time? I'd love to hear about them.


  1. I love this! Kind of makes me wish I've been blogging for more than a year so I can do the same thing... 

  2. Sherri Van Zuidam10:21 AM

    Oh boy!  I just resurrected our house blog last month after being shocked with the news that a surprise #3 was on the way.  I came to the realization that the days just fly by and seriously - if you blink you'll miss half of it along the way.  Then again, you can get sucked into the computer just as easily - so balance is necessary.  But it's fun to document and look back, to be sure!

  3. michelle10:55 AM

    You've come a long way baby! Doesn't it feel great to see what you've accomplished and gotten through in those years. I started this blog as a bit of a diary of my renovations and I often look back through to see the work we've done and think yep, I deserve a night on couch with a glass of wine tonight look at those 'afters'!

  4. lavender and lilies12:47 PM

    That's true.  I do go back through my blog and see where I was a year or two ago.  It's fun.  

  5. I like looking at old blog posts too...yours, before I was a reader.  And others.  Sometimes it's a bit intimidating since I'm older (50-something) and never take on the dramatic projects most of you do.  Bust mostly I love your ideas and find myself inspired to make some small changes.  And that's awesome!   

  6. Happy five years, Stefanie!!!   

  7. Five years ago for us was a very difficult year. Our son was diagnosed in utero with a genetic condition (trisomy 9) and no one could give us any sense of how severely he would be affected. It was a sad and scary time, both before and after he was born. The first Christmas after his birth, my husband surprised me with an iPhoto book made up of fun pictures from that year. The cover was titled "2006: A Very Good Year." 

    It was such a wonderful way to reframe the year, and to bring forward the good times we'd had with our daughter, and the new little one. It made those times the solid memories and let the difficult feelings recede. I cried and cried and each year since then he has given me a photo book for that year for Christmas. Each year has gotten better!

    They don't have text, though, and I am not a scrapbooker nor did I keep up baby books. This year I started writing events or quotes from the kids on 3x5 cards and dropping them into a clear jar on the kitchen counter. After 8 years of trying to find a way to keep track of memories, I've finally found a method I can maintain! At the end of the year I'll bundle them together and put them in a library card tray, or place them in order in a photo holder. As I can't remember anything I've written on them the last 4 months, I'm looking forward to reading them again.

    Whew - long comment! Love your blog! 

  8. Oh yes, my favorite part of my blog is going back and looking at everything from years past.  You've had very successful Aprils!

  9. what an awesome adventure you've had so far!!  i love all the places you've traveled...I've been to Cambodia and Thailand (beautiful aren't they??) and am dying to hit up London and Australia.  love your blog!  newest follower!  :)

  10. I don't remember what year I started reading your blog but it's been a few years now. Congrats on the 5 year mark and looking forward to many more.

  11. Its been 5 years since Jan but thanks!

  12. Sometimes the smaller projects are the most popular!

  13. I don't claim to be the clever one who thought it up - Jaden at Steamy Kitchen did a post on Memory Jars and other ideas; http://steamykitchen.com/19992-memory-jar.html

  14. Agreed. My blog is definitely the way I time travel to our past.



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