Whats up? Display boxes!

It took a little more time than I had hoped but these DIY display boxes for my favorite vintage cameras are now hung up in the little room.  Hooray!  I think they look so much better here than they did crammed on a bookshelf downstairs.  The only problem is that now that I have these, I want to make another few empty ones so I have an excuse to keep collecting.


The room needs a few more finishing touches before I can call it done but I'm really happy with this project. At least for now :) 

Do you want to know how I made them or is that too obvious?


  1. Susan Haskins9:20 AM

    I absolutely love this idea. I've just received a bunch of vintage cameras from my mom and have been looking for a unique way to display them. Thanks for the inspiration! Susan

  2. Alandval201110:00 AM

    Looks great!

  3. This looks amazing! It definitely gives them more attention this way!


  4. Emilyrkerr10:43 AM

    Awesome! Yes, tell us how to make them!

  5. would love a tutorial.

  6. Your cameras look charming in their new homes...very nice!!

  7. This is so beyond awesome!

  8. Lesley7:11 PM

    Love how you've showcased each camera (and I'm quite envious of your collection).  Looking forward to seeing the whole room!

  9. No, tell us tell us!!

  10. I have purchased a new home in Seattle and I was looking around for some good tips on renovations. Well, for most of my life I have been a collector of sorts of items. This is really cool, I could do this in my new house and then put all my collections here for everyone to see. I just want to know what wood you used? Your collections of cameras are amazing.

  11. Elizabeth Branson8:13 PM

    Love it!


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