Ceilings Taken to New Heights {super 7}

I'm not one of those people to run around calling things in or out of style. I kind of believe almost anything can be done well if in the right context. But there is one thing I feel like I don't see enough of - and that's pattern on ceilings. I've become completely obssessed with it lately. I went searching high and low for a photo of what I'm dreaming of - a houndstooth pattern ceiling - and came up empty. I simply don't believe its an original idea and it seems like it wouldn't be too difficult using this houndstooth stencil but I came up dry.

So while I'm dreaming of that, here are my favorite examples of fab 5th walls.

top row: jenna lyons nursery (is there any inch of that house that wasn't gorgeous?)/hudson baby design / 4 men 1 lady
center: shannon kaye, house beautiful
bottom row: making it lovely (ok so this is a cheat since the ceiling is a simple gray but it plays so beautifully with that patterned wallpaper I had to include it!) / vintage revivals

So have any of you strained your back and patterned a ceiling? Is it as hard as it looks. I want one but I'm not sure if I have the skills or patience.


  1. Ibie Falcusan10:02 AM

    These are so pretty. I think the green gingham pattern is especially lovely.

  2. I don't think I'd have it in me to do that. I find just regular painting of the ceiling is a pain! Sarah Richardson did a wallpapered ceiling in a nursery last year which, while I loved the end result, must have been BRUTAL to do.

  3. I'm totally tempted to cover the ceiling of our master bedroom in wood planks, a la this post on Maple Leaves and Sycamore Trees: http://www.mapleleavessycamoretrees.com/2012/02/ryders-room-details.html

    Our home has a SLIGHT farmhouse/rustic style so I think it would work. Plus my husband-to-be loves anything wood.

  4. I think something on the ceiling is gorgeous!! And it def adds to the room. The renter I am feels it would be too difficult to repaint when I moved, but I think it def adds to the room. I'd do it.
    It's on my list for when we stay in one place for a while.. whenever that is=)

  5. LOVE!  We have popcorn ceilings in most of our upstairs bedrooms and I want to take them out room by room and this is great inspiration.  I actually just posted today about a jewelry board with strips... how cool would stripes like these look on a ceiling?  I think they would catch the light well:


  6. decoguy10:27 PM

    These pictures look great! I love wall papers I think they are simple yet they are screaming bold to people. Do you have any suggestions for people when choosing their wallpapers? what are the things to prevent to avoid cluster and a bad experience using them

  7. I mentioned to my hubby about doing something on the ceiling in the baby's room - like simply painting it a different colour and his reaction was 'WHOAAA - don't do anything crazy now!' I could just imagine what his reaction would be if I said I wanted to stencil it. Lordie he needs to read more of this types of posts! :)

  8. how2home1:30 PM

    This is a phenomenal idea! I think you should do a DIY on this! Who's with me ;)

  9. ha. i get the same reaction at least 40% of the time :)

  10. Personally I've never been able to put the memory of pulling off old wallpaper down centimeter by centimeter enough to actually wallpaper a wall myself. I've used it more in a temporary way on back of bookshelves (using temporary adhesives), drawer liners, etc.

    Patterns can be very tough for anyone who doesn't feel comfortable with decor so this is one area I would say get some expert advice if you can.

  11. I love the planked ceiling (although the molding doesn't work as well IMO) If you had some thick rustic molding, I think that ceiling effect would look amazing.

  12. Does this mean I have to get my husband to do it for me? hehe

  13. Michelle2:19 PM

    Great examples.  I've always LOVED those yellow stripes.  Thanks for featuring my bathroom. -Michelle (4men1lady.com)


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