I want to make you: Colorful Wooden Doormat

I'm not sure if its the joy of the yellow boots or the fun of the mat itself but I'm loving this! My version would be ombre blues and just perfect for the shore. Yet another time I wish I had a barn full of tools to get some side projects done without messing up my living room.

Project details can be found at Lowes Creative Ideas

PS: If you happen to have a barn, I'm really very jealous. Oh, the fabulous parties and projects I dream of in my imaginary barn. Can I borrow yours?


  1. hschilpp9:50 AM

    My best friend's dad has a barn and I had so much playing around in it while in Kentucky.  Her dad's wedding reception was held in that barn and I can only imagine how awesome it must have been! 

  2. Marnie10:59 AM

    No barn but I saw this at Lowes and thought it was super cute and might even work on the wall as art.

  3. I remember seeing that in the Lowes magazine. 

    No barn here either.  I have to make due with half the garage.

  4. Janette@The2Seasons11:44 AM

    Yep!  I'm lovin' it, too.  Like you, I live in a townhouse.  Maybe we can go halfsies on that barn.

  5. Martha11:47 AM

    You can borrow my barn.  : )  You'll have to share it with the cows, pigeons and hay.  A little too dirty for a party, in my opinion.  : ) 

  6. That is so cute.  I know you had wanted to "ombre" something in the past so this would be perfect.

  7. Joanne B.6:29 PM

    I saw this too, in the Lowes mag, and loved it too, for our beach house.  When I read the estimated cost, which I can't remember now, I decided it was too much.  Maybe the cost was high because you had to get all those paint colors- maybe using small bottles of craft paint would be more economical OR if you do decide to try the ombre you would just need to get one color and then white and then just adjust the colors for the ombre effect.  If you do it, I will be anxious to see it!

  8. I wonder if I can have this in my apartment. 

  9. Ashley Ez6:59 PM

    perfect! We have one of these mats by our back door that the last owner left that I hate....but haven't replaced yet.  This will help it win its place!

  10. I have a barn, and you're welcome to it any time--you'll just have to come to Canada to visit! I know what you mean about parties and projects. The previous owners of our farm left lots of junk in our barn, so we're miles away from hosting a party, but I've already got a pinterest board of inspiration pictures!

  11. MovinForward12:07 PM

    I'm with you.  I saw that mat and have been desperately hoping for an opportunity to make one.  I think the boots are a good draw, too.  As for the barn?  I'm with you on that one, too.  Ride by plenty of them whenever we head out somewhere and I am oh so envious of the folks who own them!!  Ah, well... a dream is a good thing to have, right?


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