Missing the Sparkle!

Thanks for all the well wishes about our big little news! We are very excited. You won't be hearing too much about baby planning for the next few weeks since we're holding off on nursery planning, naming negotioations and shopping until we find out the baby's sex in 6+ weeks. I know it's not that far away but the suspense is KILLING ME! Anyone want to make a guess?

On a totally different topic, fireworks are illegal in NY which is generally a really good thing. Those of us who lived in Brooklyn before it was quite so trendy will remember the all night amateur firework shows going on til the wee hours in every neighborhood, followed by fire engine sirens and general chaos of the holiday. But there is one thing I miss and its the sparklers!
I would really love to try my hand at some sparkle photography but the good aren't readily available. (I'm sure there is a healthy black market for those in the know but I am definitely not in that category.)

images via: ho hum cards, canon, lamb and lark, tylerknott

So for those of you with easy access to the sparkle sticks, I hope you have some fun with your camera come next week. I'm very jealous.

There are lots of tips on how to snap your own sparkly masterpiece online but I'm particularily digging this blog post from studio tran.


  1. First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm looking forward to all kinds of great tips from you about traveling with little ones.

    Sparkler photography is so cool, isn't it? They are readily available here in Indiana. (Hoosiers are serious pyros, apparently) We haven't had any rain since June 4th, however, so I definitely won't be buying any. From a crazy state where fireworks are A-OK during a burn ban.

  2. Congrats congrats! I am due in about 5 weeks, excited to meet our little one! We haven't found out the sex of the baby yet, so that will be another wonderful surprise. I think we were also married around the same time, I was October 2007, too funny! Wishing you all the best for a healthy, smooth pregnancy.

  3. Congrats to the baby on board! 

    I love those sparkler pictures, I should try that this year! 

    I know you love to travel...you should do one these visited maps (http://www.ammap.com/visited_countries/) and make a post out of it. It would be so interesting to see what countries you've visited on a map and if there are any patterns.

  4. www.sparklersonline.com - you're welcome!  :)

  5. Thanks Lora.  Ive seen them online but I don't need a case (nor can I really justify spending $50 on it).  I just want my bodega to carry a little box for me :)

  6. Thanks Amy.  Im not sure if I have a pattern but the map sounds fun.

  7. Congrats and good luck!  Did the time fly by?

    We got married in October but 5 years before you in 2002.

  8. Does NY consider a sparkler a firework? I ask because there are (were?) don't remember anymore.. bans in FL on certain things, but not the sparklers.

  9. Christine5:39 PM

    This is my first comment, ever! Congrats on your baby news. Although you mentioned putting scary
    stuff out of your mind, I'm hoping we will still get fantastic Halloween inspiration
    from you! I know, so selfish ;-)

  10. I just found out! This is what I get for being a week behind on my blog reads. Congrats, you guys! Very exciting stuff. Also - I'm thinking it's a girl. 

  11. Stacey11:55 PM

    O_o sparklers? fireworks? That just seems unfair that sparklers are termed as fireworks!

    they are like little sparkley sticks of awesome.

  12. I like sparklers too, always have. For some reason I'm thinking boy...maybe because lately there's been a run on boy babies lately. As long as it's healthy that's all that matters anyway.

  13. Andrea8:41 AM

    Congratulations!!!!!  No more babies for me but I love hearing about others joyful journey!!!!

  14. Well Im not really sure if they consider it a firework or not but pretty much as soon as the fireworks were banned, sparklers were no longer sold in stores. (And they used to be everywhere)  So I always assumed there was a connection.  Either way, Im sparkleless :)

  15. Assuming I get some energy back soon, I'm definitely still planning on a fun Halloween this year.  Ive already got a concept and a costume - just have to get to work on executing. Not that I'm planning on stopping the celebrations next year but who knows what chaos baby will bring.  I

  16. Alison3:52 PM

     You could always order them from here- http://www.sparklersonline.com/ 

    Sparklers are classified as novelties by the federal government and are not defined as consumer fireworks.

  17. Abigail6:03 AM

    hello :) i'm one of those silent blog readers (sorry!!) but i just saw this on martha's site and thought of your post here : http://www.marthastewart.com/904624/july-4th-glow-stick-photographs

    glow sticks! they aren't that sparkley magic that sparklers are (i know) but it's an idea.


  18. right. in FL the sparklers are not banned. 

  19. right. in FL the sparklers are not banned. 

  20. Jennifer5:53 AM

    No, please DON'T find out the sex, it's so boring then! It's like opening your Christmas presents in July.   :-(
    You can be so creative without having to know boy or girl. Sigh.

  21. Kara Underwood4:23 PM

    Congratulations! I have been following your blog for awhile now, and am excited to see what you come up with for your little one. I already saved the little playhouse you posted (the hubby and I are expecting our first as well, I think around the same time...end of December). Good luck with everything!

  22. Stefanie! You can buy fireworks + sparklers in PA ... good luck!!!


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