Keep Cool and Eat Hot Dogs.

Judging by the empty seats on the subway this week, I'm guessing lots of people took the Wednesday holiday as a cue to relax all week long. Sounds like a plan to me.

I'll be trying to keep cool for the next few days (sadly, without sparklers)


What is on your agenda today?


  1. Barbecue at cousin Caroline's house.

  2. We'll be heading over to the National Mall to take in DC's fireworks. We like to sit in front of the Lincoln Memorials so the view of the fireworks has the Capitol and Washington Monument in the background. You can't beat it!

    Happy 4th. :-)

  3. lesli devito7:56 AM

    kids took surfing lessons on the beach...played on the beach...fireworks...on the beach...BEACH day!
    Some of my favorite pre family kids 4rth of Julys were spent in Brooklyn at my friends house, in his backyard, cooking and eating and drinking with friends, and reminiscing about our 4rth of Julys on the kids. 


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