Easy Grocery Store Centerpiece

When I saw coxcomb at my bodega, I got very excited. Its one of my favorite flowers - not only because of its velvety texture but also because its cheap, lasts longer than flowers, has great color and is incredibly easy to arrange. Just smoosh together and voila. To add a little height I added some spray painted branches. Its a shame coxcomb isn't easy to come by because I would totally be rocking this treatment in spades for Christmas if I could.

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$6 bucks out of pocket and now I get to enjoy this punch of color for days. Hooray.


  1. calliegrayson9:01 AM

    Very pretty! I love the colour

  2. I love coxcomb! So much so, I actually used it in our wedding (centerpieces and bridesmaids' bouquets). I might have to pick some up just for nostalgia's sake, since we have our 10 year anniversary coming up in October too. :-)

  3. Oh is coxcomb in season in October? I never knew.  We used its cousin, the hanging amaranthus in some of our arrangments and I absolutely love that stuff too.  I guess I like furry flowers :)

  4. Love it! I used it to decorate my sister's wedding cake. It looked great with an oversized Dhalia and Ranucculas. The shape worked really well as a connector between the two tiers.

  5. We have it growing outside our front door. We replant it every year as it gives us huge color and impact. I could send you some seeds ;)

  6. Deborah4:35 PM

    Cockscomb can easily be grown from seed & will reseed itself year after year.  It doesn't take much room & it would definitely fit in to your small beds in your back yard.  Then you could have it all the time for free!!

  7. That's really beautiful... and cheap! Double goodness.

  8. Xenia3:56 AM

    I love coxcomb too.  It is the rich velvety look that I love.  Why don't you try planting some on your backyard.   I did that one year when I was still living in my first house.  They last such a long time.  I think I will look around in my local nursery to see if they have any seed packets for coxcomb.  I have a much bigger backyard space now so I can plant lots of coxcomb. next summer.  

  9. They turned out so pretty! Love your idea! :)

  10. I love this! That's what I miss most about the City, stunning flowers for pocket change. Those are gorg. I also oddly realized my comments for like the past year from my desktop haven't been saving on your blog, just my mobile - how wacky is that?! Ann (thesewallsofwhite.blogspot)


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