Snaps from Stonehenge

In honor of the Olympics* being held in England this year, I thought I'd share a couple of photos from a quick weekend trip to London we took a few months ago.

stonehenge (1 of 1)-3stonehenge (1 of 1)
stonehenge (1 of 1)-2

Thanks to first trimester nausea and exhaustion in full effect I was totally off my game when it came to taking photos but we had a good time anyway. We hit our usual favorite spots during this trip (check out a prior London trip recap for more info) but took a detour for our first visit to Stonehenge to finish off the weekend.

*Who else loved the parachuting Queen and flying Mary Poppins in the opening ceremony? Gotta love a country who doesn't take itself too seriously!


  1. Andrea8:43 AM

    I like the parachuting Queen but somehow missed Mary Poppins.  Who does a "quick weekend" in England????  Lucky Girl.

  2. Well, we Europeans are more for the humour & not for the pride... :D

    P.S.: I like the captures none the less, 1'st trimester nausea or not. ;)

  3. John @ Our Home from Scratch11:13 AM

    Always wanted to go to Stonehenge.  I thought the whole NHS tribute was a bit odd.. like Americans toasting the Post Office.  Weird. 

  4. Andrea6:00 PM

    So glad you appreciated our Olympic opening - the Queen and Bond - totally wicked!!! There were mixed feelings across the country but I loved it!

  5. Mrs. Limestone your life seems so very adventurous, love living vicariously;)

  6. Anonymous10:13 PM

    How did you get so close? I was there in May and there was a barrier that would have made that first pic impossible.

  7. Anonymous4:13 AM

    How did you get past the barrier!!!

    John, the tribute to the NHS,-
    .....the core values of our society is that it doesn’t matter who you are, you will get treated the same in terms of health care.....One of the reasons we put the NHS in the show is that everyone is aware of how important the NHS is to everybody in this country.'Danny Boyle

  8. You're so lucky! Trip looks awesome!!

  9. Beautiful!  Saw your smiling face in House Beautiful this month.  So famous :)

  10. Ccordero8987:05 PM

    I just found your it! So, are you a travel agent? I would love to be able to travel like that, but I haven't figure out how to afford it yet.  :)  Also, wondering what kind of camera you use?  Your pics are amazing! 

  11. Hey man how'd you get in???  I was there and all the fools were in the way and there was like a fence I think.  

  12. Also, these pictures are to die for

  13. We took a tour that lets you after the attraction closes to tourists and lets you go behind the railings. You still aren't supposed to touch the stones but its a lot better than standing by the sidewalk. (Thank goodness we researched beforehand because I would have been so annoyed to get there and find that you can't get near the stones at all!)

  14. No, not a travel agent - I buy my tickets like everyone else. We just prioritize travel. You can find info on my camera and lens in my FAQ.


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