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Its September 25 so of course I'm knee deep in Halloween projects right now.  As always I'm not quite sure how it will all turn out so I'm just keeping fingers crossed it comes together in reality as well as it does in my mind.  I'm a little less mobile this year so its more of a struggle than usual but I'm sure I'll get it all done.  (Thanks to my ever patient husband who puts up with my craziness.)

So what am I yammering on about?  Well I just wanted to point you to this fabulous chalkboard display designed and drawn by Michael of Inspired by Charm.  Normally I tend to prefer more gruesome and dark decor and this is decidedly whimsical but I love it.  Great work Michael! Check out his blog to read all about how he did it.

This might look familar to you if you've seen my BHG Trick & Treats story but I have to rave about these amazing hand animal masks from etsy seller Sundries and Plunder. They were really excellent quality and make such a sophisticated (and easy!) costume, I had to share.

Finally these simple yet genius poison labels from Just Something I Made are perfect and 100% free.

Any of you working on some Halloween goodies you want to share here?  I'm the worlds biggest Halloween fanatic cheerleader so if you have some projects you'd like to share, please drop me a line or link to it in the comments.  I'd love to see.


  1. Gretchen Holcombe10:39 AM

    nice! I was just digging Halloween stuff out of the basement and thinking that it doesn't look like as much stuff as I was remembering. I sense an attempt at craftiness in my near future.....

  2. With baby due next Friday I don't think we'll be doing much for Halloween this year, but I'm bookmarking these for next year.

  3. I start from almost scratch every year (i know, im a glutton for punishment!) so I totally get the feeling.

  4. laura @ the shorehousechic1:14 PM

    Gearing up for the big Zombie Walk in Asbury Park...which I just found out is Oct 6!  I need costume inspiration big time.  It's going to be hard for me to beat my Princess Zom-Bea from last year. :-)

  5. We went last year and it was great. I wonder why they are doing it so early this year?

  6. Heather Ricardi6:53 PM

    Thank you for the link to the bottle labels! I will add them to our collection. Here's (http://www.findthatwarmfuzzyfeeling.com/2011/10/i-put-spell-on-you.html) a link to the post I did when my boyfriend & I decided only to spend $25 & what was laying around the house for Halloween. We had champagne taste on a witches brew budget.

    Heather at Find That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

    PS. Look forward to your Halloween posts every year! (And Christmas too! We used your freebie gift tag label for everyone. You were even nice enough to feature a picture of it on here!)

  7. Awww. I'm always touched to see one of my images on your site! Thank you so very much for the awesome shout out! 

  8. loving the labels! this year i think we are painting patterns on our pumpkins and keeping it simple. baby planning is taking up all our time :) xo

  9. Chelsea @ Two Twenty One12:32 AM

    Isn't Michael's chalkboard display awesome!?  He's so clever.  Can't wait to see your Halloween projects!

  10. Hah!  I like that you prefaced this with "I normally prefer more dark and gruesome."

  11. Momnivoresdilemma10:02 AM

    I'm a Halloween addict too, so this year, I committed to doing Nester's 31 days of Halloween.  ...http://www.momnivores-dilemma.com/2012/09/31-days-of-halloween-projects-crafts-ideas-stories-and-recipes.html


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