Happy Halloween!

Despite the hurricane we decided to go ahead with the Halloween festivities today. We had to take a lot of the decor down, our costumes won't be as robust and our guest list will be smaller but seeing kids trick or treating along with our friends is sure to cheer us all up after the last few days.  Hopefully we can do our part in making a few smiles too.

We were very lucky to have been safe and dry during the storm.  Seeing the devastation of those not as fortunate have made all our hearts heavy. Hope you are all safe and sound and doing whatever makes you happiest today. Be back tommorrow with some party shots.


  1. God bless you for giving out the big sized candy! As a kid it was always the best to stumble upon a house that gave out full sized candy. 
    Glad to hear everything is alright with you in NYC. Praying for your coast and that Sandy is all done!


  2. Coastinganon2:57 PM

    Been thinking of you and wondering how your Sea Bright condo fared. The total destruction of the town is heartbreaking. It will never be the same.

  3. So glad you and your neighborhood are safe and glad you are going ahead with Halloween...a great healing process for kids and adults alike.  Enjoy!

  4. Please share tomorrow how your costumes are different etc. Even the decorations. I really enjoy your Halloween posts! Hope it is wonderful and safe for you all! We are having pouring rain here in Oregon which is a bummer as I have three huge props I got last year & they are all made out of cardboard. They won't last five minutes if it doesn't stop raining. Happy Halloween! 

  5. Cindy@DesignLove4:19 PM

    Glad you had no damage to your home! What a Bitch that Sandy was! Here in Ontario, we had high winds, and some rain. Thinking of all your fellow neighbors and hoping they recover fast. Can't wait to see your pics, and sad you probably had to take all those decorations down prior to the storm. Have a fun night, I'm sure you will get smiles giving out those treats!!!

  6. So glad you didn't withstand any damage from the storm. Here in NE PA many are without power (I'm fortunate not to be one of them). Seeing the pics online of the devastation is heartbreaking.  Looking forward to your posts and pics from the party.  What did you have to change outside?  Our trick or treating was rescheduled to Saturday.  Good thing as my props had to be put away in the high winds.
    Take care and stay safe!

  7. Renee6:23 PM

    It is heart breaking to see the images of your beautiful city on TV.  Being in the midwest, St. Louis specifically, I can't appreciate the ravages that a hurricane can bring.   You are all in our thoughts   

  8. Happy Halloween! Glad you are safe and sound!!!

  9. jentobox7:46 PM

    Mmmm. look at all that candy!! The kids must've really appreciated it after the hurricane. I'm in Brooklyn and we were barely touched, fortunately. The kids are running around over here!

  10. We haven't been able to get much news on Sea Bright but I expect the damage to be pretty bad. Nothing we can do but wait at this point.

  11. Heather Ricardi4:16 PM

    I look forward to your Halloween post every year! As a fellow lady who appreciates the holiday, I thought you'd enjoy my impromptu sexy skeleton makeup from last night!
    Happy to hear that you are safe & sound!

    Heather @ Find That Warm Fuzzy Feeling


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