Who's ready for the Holidays?

Me! Me! Me!

December is always one of my favorite months but I'm feeling extra excited this year for some reason.  So its time to dust off the Christmas boxes and turn up the carols - its holiday time!

What a better way to start off the season than finding out that our holiday story was included in this years best of issue of Holiday with Matthew Mead (along with lots of other fabulous inspiration and blogger stories).  So honored to be included in such great company.

Order your copy and then visit Matthew's blog chock full of inspiration for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This year we will be hosting Christmas (assuming Im not in labor!) for a small gaggle of people so I'm looking forward to that. I thought about doing all pink Christmas decor this year to celebrate the little one but I figure I can save that for when she can appreciate it. So I'll be reusing my existing stuff but I always like to make a couple of things myself each year. Are there any holiday projects you'd like to see on the blog?

The one thing I am struggling is gift ideas - for everyone! I usually have a few picked out by now but I can't seem to find much to inspire. Any suggestions? What is on your Christmas wish list this year?


  1. andrea10:47 AM

    last year I was very pregnant at Christmas, and while the sciatica and back pain was acting up whilst decking the halls, there's also something special about 'nesting' during the holiday season.  This year, with a baby and her two sisters in tow, we're having fun creating memories for Ella's first Christmas. As far as gifts go, I'm going homemade for many of them-sugar body scrub scented with essential oils, silhouettes of the girls for each of the grandparents, and pincushions for those who sew in the family.

  2. Kalanicut1:10 PM

    Your blog is looking so beautiful! It sounds like your holiday will be magical. I am at a loss about gifts because we honestly don't need anything. So I am thinking more about creating experiences and finding legit needs. I am moving more and more to creating magic in the season that piling up the gifts for Christmas morning. I think the family will remember how they feel long after what they get. Happy holidays! Bring on the hot chocolate, craft projects and Christmas music.

  3. I'm so ready for holiday-ness.  Have been Christmas caroling already.  Let me know if you think of any fantastic ideas for your husband because I have zero ideas for mine.

  4. Jenna2:34 PM

    I've decided to go with a whole new theme for our main tree this year:  silver and white with a little rustic thrown in, so I'm busily making ornaments and finding new pieces!  I need some ornament inspiration, though.  Any ideas?!  Cheap is the key here.  

    Also, as far as gifts go, I'm in a monogram mood this holiday season and seem to be buying people things with their initials on it!  Have you seen Southern Nest's huge wooden monograms?  I'm in love with them and think they would make awesome gifts!  Here's the link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/charminglittlenest?ref=shop_sugg

  5. I sit on the board of a local community service group-our Coalition of Children and Families. The CCF has a homeless liaison that has identified 55 kids as homeless in our area :( I decided there is nothing I need as much as these kids need coats/shoes, so I am shopping away. This has really put me in the X-mas spirit! Can't wait to decorate next week.

    Family wise we like experiences over things. Movie/play/dance tix, etc etc work well for us. This Etsy shop is kinda cool as well if you are looking for art-we had a portrait done of the dog, and it's awesome!


    My twins are almost 27. Their first X-mas saw the tree done in all baby blue and pale pink-my Mom and I went to Macy's and bought all the "Baby's First Christmas" paraphernalia they had. It was magical. Shop the after Christmas sales and you will be all set for next year!

  6. Eva Stephen8:12 AM

    Unfortunately, the Matthew's blog link is not working. Since you are going to have a baby so you must share Christmas gifts ideas for new born ones and their moms. What do you say?

  7. Wow everything is looking good, Especially the cake. What flavor is that? It looks really tasty.


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