2012 in a flash

I can hardly believe 2012 is nearly over!  Time for a year in review via Instagram photos.  I have tried to take at least one photo a week but that didn't quite work out (I would fail miserably at the 365 day project) but even with a few gaps, its still nice to remind myself where this year went.  I highly recommend it.

Ahhh...much better. Dont you love matching containers? Yum. Sharpies, one of my many weaknesses It took me 8 months to get around to it but finally making my office a little more homey. Not enjoying the first snow of the year at all.
Adventures. Reflect Beep beep. Hello paint desk, my old friend... Rocking it at a first birthday party today.
Working on a freebie download mini poster... Pink surprise! Sprung. Did someone say sale? Bulbs!  I want this in my hallway.
Sneak a peek at my herb garden Instamatic Commute Bump ahead Yummy!
Rediscovered my @madebygirl LOVE poster. Yeah!      Weathermen can't be trusted.       Good grief.         ...i want to paint it black...
Who you calling fat cat? Another day in Bklyn Solstice in Times Square. Lady liberty Great rainbow over Brooklyn
Octopusphobics should not read tomorrows post. Obligatory beach photo Wheeeeeee! New blog design is live.  Still some kinks to work out but I was so sick of the last style. Woo-hoo. http://www.brooklynlimestone.com Friends don't let dogs drive.
It's Friday!  Sweet . Look up! Here I am again, paint counter, my old friend. Let's do this. Purr. Purr. Purr.
Ahoy! The last summer project of 2012. Shopping at babygap = fun. Shopping at babies r us = no fun. #thingsivelearned Not a bad way to end our trip. (alternate title: rocking Halloween costume) Bassinet is assembled. Only took us 2 tries to get it right. Love it.  :) Untitled
Supremely bizarre to think there is a person in there. New dining room table is here! What I did last night. Quite possibly the most useless horoscope of all time. I'll get you my pretties...
#grateful to be on the way home #grateful for pedicures (even if I can only barely see my toes lately) #grateful for twinkly lights #grateful to have seen the pink brownstone before its gone Had a fabulous time at my baby shower today. ¬†Feeling the love.
At the post office.  As always, the woman at the counter is as surly as can be.  Merry Christmas to you too! Oh Christmas tree... Christmasing the dining room! A little closer to finished in the nursery. Christmas cards make me happy!

I've been pretty exhausted these last few days but I'm trying to clean up the mess that is my house right now so it won't be such a disaster.  I'm pretty good at trashing things I don't need but I struggle the most with crafty supplies - always thinking "I could use that one day".  Do you have a rule of how long you keep supplies before admitting its probably not going to happen?  Or do you save stuff for someday far away?


  1. Happy New Year to one of my favorite bloggers! What a great year it's been here at Brooklyn Limestone. I'm so tired as well - what a busy month! I tend to keep supplies for creating & when I DO throw them out, I regret it later. Ha ha.

    Warmly, Michelle
    Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

  2. I definitely suffer from, "I'm sure I'll need this one day" syndrome when it comes to craft supplies. I've just learned to become really well organized so I can keep track of the things I have.

  3. Oh~ How did you do that? The pedicure photo in November with the light effect (bokeh). Awesome!

  4. Toby Crane4:29 PM

    I feel that the basics of renovations in Wilton, CT, are not how they appear. Thanks for sharing this information. I knew it would be helpful to my cause.

  5. carole11:16 PM

    I still don't get the whole Instagram thing, but someday I'll get involved with it! lol

    I'm pretty good at purging stuff for thrift, except when it comes to my art supplies. There I have trouble. That said, I'm staring to purge pretty heavily there as well. I've gotten to the point in my life where I know what I will and will not do, and also that I can't do it all. There are those things that I'll never get around to doing, even with the best of intentions. For me, there's little point in the supplies taking up valuable space. I no longer have the patience for the clutter. I guess for me, that's the bottom line.

  6. Tamara10:36 AM

    I come from a long line of sewing and craft supply hoarders whose "sewing rooms" I have never seen an equal! Because of this there are things I keep like 3 glue guns (who knows!) regardless but others I do my best to use once or twice before donating or giving away. What really helped me was coming to terms with the fact that unlike the women before me I don't sew, so, three large boxes of new fabric that had been given to me I donated to a church group making quilts for a cause.

  7. Baileywife {Irishman Acres}11:08 AM

    Hi, my name is Kim, and I am a hoarder of all things crafty! Can't.Throw.Anything.Away.

  8. I try not to keep it if it's paper-crafting (like cardboard) and I don't overstock on scrapbooking type supplies for any project, since each is so different. So paper stuff, I give a short life span and recycle frequently. Sewing and other craft supplies, I keep around longer and try to keep as organized as possible so the stuff doesn't explode. Let's face it...

  9. Taking one picture a week is a pretty great idea actually. Much more manageable than a 365. Perhaps I'll aim for that this year.

  10. I think someone went into labor.

  11. Thanks for the reply! I've been checking a couple of times a day. Wishing you a wonderful delivery and if you can tell us know. :)

  12. Lauren10:52 PM

    Love the pictures! I'm sure you'll have no problem taking more pictures this year with the little one!
    - Lauren @ Love, Water and Wine


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