Oh Baby: Agatha's Crib

Despite this room being the tiniest little space, its taken so much time to complete.  Fingers crossed the chair I've been waiting for will arrive today (woo-hoo!) and Ill be able to show the whole room off but in the meantime I wanted to show you Agatha's sleeping space for when we are ready to not watch over her every second.


Here are all the details on each element if you are curious:

The bassinet/crib is the Stokke Sleepi ordered from Wayfair - its on wheels and is just narrow enough to fit through the tiny doorway making it really easy to roll it into our room. The oval shape makes it a bit annoying to get sheets but its worth it. 

The faux polar bear rug also ordered from Wayfair fits really nicely in the space and adds the texture I wanted - I wish it were more furry than hairy but it does the job and was pretty affordable.  

The crib skirt was handmade by me after a bit of trial and error using Kona Salmon fabric.  

The mobile was also handmade by me using felt sheets, felt balls and wood dowels - I had this idea that I could do something more bookish with felt but its not as easy as it seems so the letters were my plan B. Its a little off kilter but it spins nicely in the breeze and I like using the letters of her name in the decor.  

Two handmade blankies (one was a personal splurge from etsy seller Peace Love & Quilts, the other handknitted by Aggies aunt in the perfect coral shade) are at the ready when we need them to cuddle with her.  

An obligatory Sleep sheep watches over her.

The fabulous Tonic Living roman shade and curtains adorn the windows. Love them!

And finally I whipped up a quick bunting to hang on the wall next to her crib using pages from the dictionary - another nod to the bookstore concept.  I wanted to add some molding on this wall but by the time I got to my 8th month, I wasn't feeling up to the task so I'll put that off for another time.


  1. Heidi9:03 AM

    Everything is absolutely stunning.


  2. alandval20119:30 AM

    Gorgeous space and I love the mobile! :)

  3. the cape on the corner9:36 AM

    did you read the night circus? this is like if that book were a nursery, it would look like this. what a fabulous space!

  4. What a precious, precious space! I love every detail...the crib, the bedding, the beautiful quilt. And the mobile is adorable.

  5. Jenn @ Home Style Report11:00 AM

    That is the most precious crib I have ever seen! Can't wait to see the whole room!

  6. That crib is to DIE FOR!!!!!!!

  7. Jessica11:42 AM

    What an awesome space! LOVE the contrast of dark walls with fun pops of color and accessories! That crib/bassinet is adorable! You've done a fabulous job :)

  8. KiloBravoInspired.blogspot.com11:48 AM

    I love how all of the colors and textures have come together! Looks amazing!

  9. Green Eggs and Hamlet12:18 PM

    What a beautiful space. Agatha is a lucky little lady to have such a pretty nursery. Thanks for sharing it!

  10. What an adorable room! I love the colors and details. Nice job mama.

  11. Laura @ Aspiring Artistry12:30 PM

    Love this! I had twins in a tiny, tiny nursery, and wish I'd had these cribs. The space is beautiful.

  12. how cozy & chic!!!! i can't wait to see more! :)

    & a BIG CONGRATS again mama!!

  13. ramblingrenovators12:44 PM

    It looks so lovely. Adore the round crib - perfect if Agatha tends to move around in her sleep!

  14. Sarah K12:58 PM

    LOVE the colors! Such a great space. I hope your chair arrives soon!

  15. Angela4:03 PM

    Such a sweet room; so original.

  16. It is a beautiful room, Stefanie! The crib is gorgeous and I love the furry rug for those nights when you just stand there...staring...at first hoping she'll sleep and then just watching her sleep.

    Can't wait to see the rest!

  17. Patricia8:17 PM

    Gorgeous nursery!! The color scheme is so striking and original. The crib is wonderful - I love that it can grow with your little girl. Love the mobile - just please make sure it is all glued together very tightly and hung up tightly - if any of those items fell off it could be dangerous. (Yes, I'm a worry wart! ;)

  18. The nursery looks great. Love the name. When I read it I thought of Agatha Christie and with your penchant for theme parties I picture a mystery party in your future

  19. It is adorable. You've done such a beautiful job!

  20. LOVE it. You have done such a great job. Good luck with the chair!

  21. Jacqueline2:34 AM

    Beautiful nursery! I especially love the triangle quilt.
    Congrats on your baby girl.

  22. Oddly enough, I've only read one Agatha Christie book so it's not an homage to her. We just liked the name.

  23. Dont worry. Its all sewn together so it should stay together plus we have a pretty close eye on her at all times. Once she gets a little bigger and active we will probably take it down anyway.

  24. Mindy@FindingSilverLinings3:09 PM

    This is gorgeous. I love the contrast of the white and pinky coral against the dark walls. I am in the process of making a mobile for Max's nursery. I'd love to see a D-I-Y tutorial on how to make one *hint hint* ;)

  25. elise4:06 PM

    This crib is beautiful! Thanks for the beautiful post, the crib is perfect to save space and the banner looks great as well.


  26. Mary | lemongroveblog6:01 PM

    Lovely! Can't wait to see the rest. I love how different the room is - not your typical baby nursery, which makes the room oh so much better! :)

  27. I love it! I especially love the color broken up with the oatmeal color trim and the vanilla (best way for me to describe)! I had my master bedroom in progress before the storm took the roof off, it was all black with oat ceiling, vanilla trim. Worked well because we had a lot of windows...but I really love how you have it, breaks it up very nicely!

  28. Andrea Ritcey9:31 AM

    So cute!! I have to say I clicked on the crib and about fell over at the price. Thank goodness my youngest is 7. I'm waiting on my first grandbaby in March and I'm not showing my daughter in law this crib for sure :)

  29. Yes it's definitely not cheap but considering it serves as both bassinet and crib for me (and all of the cribs I liked were pricey and I would have needed to buy a separate bassinet) this wasn't so bad.

  30. Sadly I was figuring it out as I went along so I didn't photograph how I made it. It was fairly straight forward but I needed some trial and error to get it right. The letters were printed on paper and used as templates to cut the felt. The structure is made of wooden dowels and sphere from micheals and then sprayed white. I ordered the felt balls from an easy seller and cut a slit in them to attach to the dowels. Finally I used thread to string the whole thing together and hang.

  31. So sweet, you did a lovely job and congratulations again! We're still playing the waiting game! -Ann @ thesewallsofwhite.blogspot

  32. Constance from Germany4:03 AM

    Love your color choices. Just beautiful!
    I have seen this crib a couple of years ago in a magazine and fell in love. When I got pregnant I knew I wanted one for my baby. The price was killing me though, so I searched online and got lucky on ebay. The small version of the crib (as seen in the pics) lasted less than a year for our baby, so we were happy we could extend it to toddler size.
    I agree, the oval shape is annoying for sheets. We bought some from Stokke, which are oval shaped, and some from Ikea, which are square shaped. When I make the bed with an Ikea sheet I just tuck the excess fabric under the mattress, but getting all wrinkles out takes some practice.
    What I am curious about is how the painted version (love the white against the blue wall!) will handle little teeth. When my boy was able to pull himself up and stand on his feet he always chewed on the wood. Our plain birch wood Stokke version has quite some scratches (which can be addressed with some oil and it is gone).
    Considering the fact that we already bought a used bed (at least one baby has slept in it), it is still in nearly perfect condition. I'd definitely buy it again. (The wheels are great.)
    Congrats on your beautiful nursery and, most of all, on your precious baby girl.

  33. Megan@Two Delighted11:35 AM

    Absolutely beautiful and precious! It looks perfect.

  34. Janell Beals11:51 PM

    Adore the colors in this room and especially the drapes. Makes me want to go decorate a nursery somewhere...Janell


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