A few more of my favorite projects from 2012

What better time to revisit the past than Groundhog's Day week?  (Am I the only person who wishes groundhog day were more a fun holiday?  Maybe we could all burn our New Years resolutions or make snowmen to celebrate?)  Anywho, following this post, here are a few more of my favorite projects in 2012...

A whale chalkboard for our shore kitchen...

A vintage coffee can tiered tray:

And my DIY face vases:
FaceVase (1 of 2)

What were your favorites?


  1. I agree that Groundhog's day should be a much bigger deal. I spent about 12 minutes harassing my husband the night before, trying to get him to guess what the next day was before I stomped off in a huff.

    My favorite project of yours for this past year was definitely Baby Agatha and her nursery :-) I can't stop thinking about the navy/coral/white/pink combo!

  2. I LOVE that whale chalkboard! We love nautical stuff and that would be the perfect fit for our kitchen!

  3. Well besides baby Agatha's beautiful nursery, I loved your Octopus dresser.

  4. a 'stache on a vase...brilliant!!!!


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