My Favorite Nook: An Artful Entrance

Today's favorite nook is the landing space of a blogger I've been following for ages, Life Begins at Thirty, Right?  The beautiful art, use of space and graphic rug just makes me want to come over and stay awhile.


What she said about it: "My favourite nook is our front entrance. It is a very narrow space and we recently repainted it white and added a long, narrow console table to make the most of the space. It is my favourite because it home to the fabulous giant scissors print by Alanna Cavanagh and it (hopefully) encourages guests to step out of the tiny vestibule into our home.

Read all about it on: Life Begins at Thirty, Right?

Take Away Design tip: Make the most of the space that is available. We used to have a small, half-moon table in the front hall that made the entryway feel cramped and blah. The new console table actually has the same depth as the old table, but the shape of it really makes the narrow hallway feel more spacious.


  1. LOVE it!!!! that scissors piece of art is awesome!!!

  2. Love the giant scissors!!! Such a great share!

  3. Love the artwork and love the antique extinguisher!!! What a great space!

  4. very cool. If I could find a way to store my shoes under it I'd be right lol
    (not that i'd ruin the space, I just have a tiny home!)

  5. Love the art! Especially the giant scissors!

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    1. That table is dreamy. And I love the color and pattern on the rug, too. Great space.

  6. Perfection! That print is amazing. I think my entry would be my fave nook too with this set up!

  7. I love that art. I am such a traditional girl when it comes to furniture and yet I always love quirky modern art like that. Perfect for the space.


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