My Favorite Nook: Happy Hodgepodge Craft Room

I dare you to look at the rows of colorful bunting hung in this craft room and not smile!  Happiness courtesy of today's favorite nook from The Rosy Life.


What she said about it: "This nook is my craft/laundry room.  The washer/dryer are out of view in the picture but this room is multi-purposeful!  This room is located on the side of the house by the kitchen and pantry so it's nicely tucked away, separate from the bedrooms.  It's my favorite nook in the house! 

I think the words that describe it best are a "happy hodgepodge".  :) I love crafting of all kinds-sewing, painting,
paper crafts, photography, and upcycled decorating projects.  This room houses my favorite supplies, bright colors and fabrics, pictures, cards, and mementos that bring a smile to my face.  It's busting at the seams with as much happy inspiration as I can fit!  Just a peek into the room brightens my mood and gets my inspiration flowing."

Read all about it on: The Rosy Life

Take Away Design Tip: Look up! This room is long and narrow with limited wall space. I set or hung pictures, lamps, books, and knick-knacks at varying heights in the room to create many places for my eyes to wander.  


  1. i absolutely adore this space! who could walk in there and NOT be happy? if you said no one, then you are correct. it would make even the grouchiest happy!

  2. Thank-you for the opportunity to share my happy nook :). It is an honor!

  3. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Omg this is so amazing! You have such an awesome happy space! I know now ill have to start working on mine! Looking forward for your next post



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