My Favorite Nook: Hot Cocoa Corner

If its cold outside, this is the favorite nook for you.  Melaine of My Sweet Savannah has an entire dedicated nook to enjoying a steaming cup of hot chocolate.  Gimme, gimme.


What she had to say: "Our nook is in our kitchen. I have it set up as a coffee/hot cocoa bar most of the year. It works out great because the nook also houses the microwave, so it makes it really convenient when making a beverage. 

Read all about it on: My Sweet Savannah 

Take Away Design Tip: Keep like things together for a collected look. 


  1. What decadence! A hot cocoa corner sounds so delicious. We have over a foot of snow outside so a hot chocolate is just what I need right about now.

  2. i love this nook! the recipe on the back is awesome!

  3. Anonymous2:43 AM

    I love the recipe printed in the back! Great touch!

  4. I am totally doing this. You can switch it out for each season. Great idea!!

  5. The recipe in the back? Love! Super functional and cute to boot!


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