My Favorite Nook is back!

Thanks to some lovely blogger friends who volunteered to let us into the favorite corners of their homes, My Favorite Nook guest series is back.  Yea!

Here is a tiny peek at what's in store:
My Favorite Nook Banner

Stop over at their blogs to say hi to old favorites or mingle to make some new friends.


  1. oooh that black and white chevron with the map is calling to me! i can't wait to see them all and am so excited to be part of it!

  2. I think I recognize at least two of those nooks! Can't wait to see the others - love this series!

  3. Can't wait! I need to do some nook updating so I'm looking forward to getting inspired!

  4. Oooh some nice blogs on your list that I hadn't visited before! Looking forward to bookmarking and enjoying them over a big cup of tea and a slice of Saturday cake.

  5. I'm so honored to be a part of it. Thank you for including me. Can't wait to read them all.


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