My Favorite Nook: Stylish Music Room / Library

Today's favorite nook is a beautifully styled room from Back on Festive Road that combines this homeowners love of two subjects - books and music.  Just lovely!


What she said about it: "This room does dual duty as a library/music room.  My house was built in 1907 and this room would originally have been known as the parlor.  This room is my favorite because it is the last room that I decorated!  It's also special as it's where my kids create and play wonderful music.  I also love sitting in my chair reading (which I picked up for a screaming deal from Anthropologie) while sipping a G & T.

It's quite a difficult room to decorate because it has a corner fireplace, two massive pocket doors, a wall of windows, and just one long wall.  After 15 years of living in the house I finally realized what to do with the long wall; I hacked some Ikea Billy bookshelves together to make a floor to ceiling bookcase.  This helped ground the space and make it more functional.  I arranged some of the books by subject and some by color so as to not visually clutter that side of the room."

Read all about it on: Back on Festive Road

Take away design tip: Practical spaces can be beautiful - don't settle for less.


  1. I LOVE that chair!!!

  2. That is stunning. Love the bar cart, light fixture, and the way the books are arranged.

  3. This looks like the perfect space to relax, have a cup of joe, and share it with a good book. Hope you are having a great day. -Al

  4. Thanks MrsLimestone for featuring my room. And thanks so much for the sweet comments above! I'm looking forward to seeing the other "nooks" and discovering some new blogs.

  5. so cozy! i could sit in that chair and be happy with that bar cart RIGHT next to me! just need a hot man to come play the guitar to me! :)

  6. Gorgeous room and Suzanne's home is stunning! I love that room and that chair is crazy beautiful! xxx

  7. It's beautiful and I'd love to know where the chair came from.

    1. Hi, the chair is the Lunet chair from Anthropologie. I'd been eyeing it for years and managed to score it for less than a fourth of the price when it went on clearance at my local store. Unfortunately they don't carry it in that colorway anymore. They carry a chair at world market which kind of looks like this but the quality just isn't there.

  8. Music, books and a bar~everything I would need in a nook ;)

  9. I love love this one. I yearn for a library and that chair is absolutely fantastic. Also, I wish I could play the guitar. But I guess that is probably an even bigger lost cause than owning the chair. :)

  10. There are so many elements in this little space that I'm loving, it just goes to show you that you can do so much in a small space! Beautiful!!!

  11. I used to have that end table/guitar combo! My window shades and blinds were a lot darker than these, but overall your room looks amazing.


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