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Six months ago we babymooned on the Big Island of Hawaii but with all the excitement of the the last trimester, the holidays and Miss Agatha's arrival, I never even shared it with you.  It feels like a lifetime ago now but we had a fabulous time relaxing in this tropical paradise.

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We watched sea turtles on the beach at dawn, walked over old lava flows, rode a helicopter to see new ones and basked in the warm glow of lots of beautiful sunsets.  The only disappointment was that we happened to be there at a very slow time for the volcano so we didn't get to see a spectacular lava show.
Oh well, we will just have to return to see it again.


  1. We babymooned on the Big Island for our first baby too! I miss it; last summer we finally got to take the two toddlers to visit.

  2. the big island looks amazing. we loved maui and kauai, and the big island is next on my list!

  3. Oh......just relived our 40th anniversary with your pics. We did 4 islands over 3 weeks. Maui and Oahu were our favorites.......I yearn to go back. Did you see the green sunset? And Black Sand beach?

  4. We spent 5 weeks on on the Big Island over Over the 2010-2011 Christmas holidays and the biggest highlight (aside from avoiding work & snow for 5 weeks) was hiking out to the active lava flows with a local guy and poking sticks into it and throwing fireworks into it! We went out on the 27th of December so all of the New Years fireworks were in stores. Possibly the coolest thing I will EVER do in my life.

  5. I'm envious of how often you seem to travel! The big Island is very nice, though Oahu is my favorite and Maui 2nd. Haven't been to the others.

    Sounds like you had a great time!


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