Flowery Stoop

Today marks the final day of my maternity leave - back to the corporate grind on Monday.  I'm not in a very cheery mood today but I'll leave you with a little bit of flowery cheer in the form our stoop garden.   Maybe Mr. Gnome will cheer me up?

Stoop Garden

In other news, the 3 questions I ask myself before buying anything secondhand is up for your reading pleasure and I've finally updated the renovation, design, entertain, travel and DIY pages with recent entries so my best posts are easier to find.  Have a great weekend.


  1. Such a bummer about having to go back to work. I am sure your time with Agatha has been sublime. :) What is that purple flower? So interesting.

  2. Its a ranunculus (and yes, I had to look up the proper spelling!)

  3. So sad you have to go back already. Hope the transition back to the routine goes well for you and Agatha!

  4. The pots look beautiful, I can't wait to get some things growing around here! I hated coming back from maternity leave. But, I hate my job in general.


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