White Box Challenge

I'm probably the last person in the world to tout about 'doing what you love' but there are a select few that seem to be able to make it work.  Enter Bryn Alexandra - I was a fan of her style and her blog way before she chucked her first career to devote herself completely to interior design.  Since then she has grown as a designer and a blogger in many ways but most recently by joining forces with a few other fabulous bloggers to curate a collection for Joy & Revelry. Forever in awe of anyone who make that leap, I was happy to lend my support by playing in a white box challenge. FUN!  Little did I know I'd actually be getting a white box!


Being a generally disorganized person, there is nothing I like better than putting things in boxes. This classic but beautiful white box with a lucite cover was just a perfect hideaway home for all of the electronic doodads that clutter our coffee table. Isn't it just lovely?  

Wishing Bryn lots of luck in this new adventure!  Want to go shopping? (please someone buy these fabulous brass serving dishes!) Bryn has given us all 10% off by using code "BRYN_WHITEBOX_10" at checkout.


  1. so pretty and smart!

  2. I'm a fan of Lucite and all forms of storage. Win.

  3. So lovely! What a beautiful idea!

  4. Putting things in a box rates right up there with my love of putting things on a tray! Keeps it all looking neat and organised. Love the flowers too :)

  5. Im sure youve gotten this question a million times but where did you get your lovely coffee table?! Please dont say a great antique fair or little antique shop around the corner! ha! Great storage idea..checking Bryns stuff out now!

    1. Thanks Rebecca. The coffee table is from Bassett Furniture. I got it on clearance from Bassett furniture. It was quite a nightmare to find what i was looking for back then - hopefully you will have better luck. (More details in this post: http://www.brooklynlimestone.com/2009/07/cocktail-or-coffee-its-just-table.html#.UcsJZOfoUvk)


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