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Super excited today to share my second curator's collection with the ever addictive home decor flash sale site, Joss and Main.  Having had so much fun the first time, I was doubly happily to do it again.  Several of the items for sale are the very same I have in my own home (like my budget friendly dining room chairs and marble cutting board)  along with a few items that are similar to my favorite pieces of furniture (like this fabulous dresser and tufted bed).  Round that out with a few old and new favorites, this collection is something I hope you'll enjoy!


Any other Joss and Main fans out there?  I've become quite addicted to checking out the new sales everyday.



  1. I check out the sales and make dream wish lists, but unfortunately I buy very little.

    1. I totally understand that. I do a lot more shopping than actual buying (which is a good thing for my budget!) but I still love to look.

  2. I look pretty much every day too and sometimes pin things, though I rarely actually end up buying anything! Fun to window shop though. :)

  3. Yay! Congrats! I love the idea of a curated collection. Once someone pins down a style that's "them", it's easy to put a room together when a pro does the curating for you.


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