Valentine's Day Party for the Littles {Contributors Column}

The following was written by Natalie Bradley, entertaining contributor for Brooklyn Limestone.

I’ve never really been a huge Valentine fan or gone overboard with Valentine decorations or parties. Until now.
I have a six year old little girl who loves arts and craftsabout as much as I do. So this year, I thought it would be a fun idea to create a Valentine party for little friends who enjoy making cards and arts and crafts together.


This party was created using a lot of items we already had at home. We created craft place mats to protect the table and add a dose of cuteness to the partydecor. The place mats were created using reversible gift wrap paper cut into rectangles and taped to the glass top table using red masking tape. Construction paper, card stock, rubber stamps, Valentine stickers and other arts and crafts supplies were part of the decor for the kids to use and monitor their own creations!


The DIY carnation and rose wreath served as the centerpiece for the party and can be used as home decor after the party! (Tutorial on how to create your own after the jump)

A sandwich board sign we constructed out of plywood sheets finished off with one inch trim and painted with chalkboard paint served as a cute craft station. Kids could go up to this self-serve craft station and select their papers, stickers, tapes, ribbons, and more to accent their creations.

We wrapped up the party with the kids sharing their beautiful pieces of artwork with one another! It really was such a fun party to create and enjoy!

Event Planned, Designed and Styled by  Natalie Bradley Events
Wreath, Heart Plates and Napkins from  plainjanedesigns
Photos by  Sara Wise Photography

Valentine Day's Wreath Tutorial
valentinesdaywreath What you will need:
•100- 200 coffee filters, depending on the size of your wreath (we used about 100)
•acrylic paint in desired colors•medium-sized disposable containers or bowls for paint
•drop cloth
•latex gloves
•masking tape
•fabric/craft glue
•straight pins
•styrofoam wreath form (we used an 8” for ours)

Please note that this is a time consuming (and beautiful) project!

1. Mix acrylic paint in the colors of your choosing in a medium-sized bucket with water at a 50/50 ratio. Adjust as needed for desired color, as some acrylics are thicker than others. Use a separate bucket for each color.

2. Submerge coffee filters into the dye. Leave them to soak for 3-5 minutes, checking every few minutes to make sure they reach the desired color.

3. After coffee filters reach the desired color, remove them from the buckets, squeeze them out and let dry overnight. Once dry, you will use the coffee filters to make the flowers.

5. For medium and large flowers complete the following process:
a. Put together a stack of coffee filters (3-4 for medium, 5-6 for large)
b. Fold into quarters
c. Cut a scalloped edge around the outside 
d. Cut a scalloped edge around the inside 
e. Unfold filters and discard scraps
f. Now you will have two pieces: an inner section and an outer section. The inner section should be a small, complete shape. The outer section will have a hole in the center, looking like a die-cut flower.
g. Cut into the outer ring, leaving a circle now open on one side.
h. Now, stretch out a long piece of masking tape.
i. Take the small inner pieces and twist them at the center and stick them down to the masking tape.
j. Starting with the end of the outer section and accordion fold it along the top of the masking tape. Continue with each filter.
k. Once your pieces are all stuck to the masking tape, cut the strip off from the roll and roll from the outside.
l. Now you should have the flower shape! Fluff accordingly.

6. Repeat step 5 for about 40 times (depending on the size of your wreath form), alternating between medium and large flowers. To make small flowers, take one coffee filter and cut it in a swirl pattern. insert image Stretch out the tape and complete the same accordion folding process.
9. You should make around 10 of these small flowers, or however many you need to fill in the gaps between the medium and large flowers.
10. Once all of the flowers are formed, cut off the bottom so it will be flat. You want a little bit of tape still at the base of the flower to keep its form.
11. Apply glue liberally to the bottom of each flower and stick to the styrofoam wreath. Hold for a few seconds, and then secure when needed by sticking a push pin into the middle of the paper flower (you should not see the pin because the flower will fill in and cover it).
12. Complete this process until the wreath is filled in, filling in gaps with small flowers and additional dyed coffee filters. Crumple the paper first so that it blends with the paper flowers.


  1. I love that wreath! Such great ideas!

  2. Just darling!!! Popped over from Hooked on Houses.

  3. Such a sweet little party! I love the wreath!

  4. wow this is such a great idea. I love the wreath for any holiday by using different colored tissue paper you've got a decoration for any occasion!


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