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Interrupting this trip recap to talk sweet treats. I'm generally anti kitchen gadget since I like to keep my counters clean but as the temps have risen so has my interest in one of these fancy fast freezing popsicle machines. With that in mind, I thought I'd do a round of up some of the most tempting popsicle recipes I've been saving if I ever do break down and buy one.

drool from top left...

Anyone have a Zoku or something like it? Is it worth it/do you really use it?


  1. I haven't got one, but I want one now!!

  2. I bought really nice popsicle molds in fun shapes. The kids love all the cool molds - rockets, flowers, twin pops and , my favorite, ice cream cone molds. We make popsicles all summer long starting with strawberries in May. Have fun!!!

  3. I have a Zoku! It was a gift and I have had fun making these gorgeous popsicles. I also got a "cookbook" of popsicle recipes and I generally have the ingredients to make most of them, which is helpful for these types of gadgets. I'd definitely recommend if you do get one, buy one that makes more than one at a time! (The way it works is that you freeze it for 24 hours, then it makes the popsicles in just a few min. You can only make a couple before you need to refreeze). Thanks for this post--you reminded me to get mine out and make some popsicles for this coming weekend! :)


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