Must Make: Pimped Out Cozy Coupe

I have a thing about ugly toys - I don't like buying them.  Granted its a pretty difficult thing to avoid when just about everything made for kids seems to come in a color scheme akin to a clown explosion.  The solution to that problem can sometimes be simply giving an existing toy a makeover (like I did with Aggie's kitchen renovation).  Meet my new obsession - finding a cozy coupe to makeover.  Check out these fabulous pimped out toddler rides....


I was putting off buying one of these since it's about to get cold but once I saw that adorable Christmas tree photo, I know I have to try to stage that photo.  Now I just need to find a cozy coupe to makeover.  I haven't had much luck in the usual haunts.  Anyone local have one laying around they want to sell?


  1. Your baby with the CHRISTmas tree is adorable!!!!!!

  2. Wow, how cool. My kids have one of those, I picked it up at a garage sale for $5 so I'm not gonna feel too bad giving it a makeover. Thanks for the idea, I'm absolutely gonna try it.

  3. A cozy coupe was my sons fav gift ever. He used it in the house!

  4. Plenty of them available on Craigslist. You definitely want the old style without the eyeballs QQ

  5. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Wahoo, that's awesome! We have one that my toddler loves (thrift store find for $8), and that's what I was planning for our Christmas card photo as well. I've combed tons of makeover blogs, and so far it seems like the thing to do is to wash it thoroughly, sand it down with fine sandpaper, and then use the spray paint meant specifically for plastics (even thought it cautions against using it for cozy coupes, lol). I can't wait to see how yours goes!

  6. Anonymous9:18 PM

    adorable!! .. and inspirational! most kiddie toys are pretty ugly.. i never really thought abt the possibility of re-vamping them though!


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