Obsessed: Refrigerator Boxes Playhouses

We all know there is truth in the old saying that no matter how fun the toy, the kid just wants to play with the box but this is taking that idea to a whole other level.

the coolest parents behind these masterpieces can be found at

My latest obsessions has been to find a refrigerator box I repurpose as a temporary indoor playhouse for Aggie's second birthday party  (She loves her outdoor playhouse but its too cold to use it right now).  Whenever I walk around, my eyes scan the curb for the prize.  Sadly, no luck. Anyone in the area with a new fridge and an unused box reading?


  1. This is just the coolest ever. Totally brings back childhood memories of the box we got from my Dad's new office chair :D

  2. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Go to your nearest appliance store and see if they can give you one. I can hardly wait to see what you do with it.

  3. Try a wardrobe box from a place where you buy moving supplies :-)

    1. Thanks Sherri. I've seen that suggestion on other sites but are they as sturdy as a fridge box?

    2. I'm not sure the box is quite as thick as an appliance box, but I do think a wardrobe box is sturdy enough for a playhouse. However you go about it, I cant wait to see the finished product! You will make it fabulous, I'm sure!!

  4. Have had such fun with appliance boxes. The most successful was a puppet theatre which the kids absolutely loved

  5. We did his for my son's second birthday and bought a bunch of paint, markers, stickers, and fancy tape for them to decorate it with. It was by far the biggest hit of the party for both the kids and adults! We outsourced ou house and got it ready to go from an Aussie site called mocka

  6. I do remember having a large playhouse made from a box from some appliance. Nothing as lovely as these but we were sooo happy with it! Countless hours of play with my siblings! A blessed season to you! Patsy from


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