Best of the Blog 2014: FUN!

I already shared the best of the blog DIY + Decor projects but what about the in between?  It wouldn't be a year end recap without some travel, parties and other fun.

We started off the year by sharing Aggie's first birthday Baby It's Cold Outside party celebration.
Baby It's Cold Outside 1st Birthday Party

Then in February, I finished Agatha's baby book.
 First Year Baby Book

In March we took a visit to an aquarium where I took my all time favorite photo and then in april, I decorated the world's easiest easter egg....
 Jelly Fish Portrait Easiest Decorated Easter Eggs

In May we took Aggie on her first visit to Paris (you can find my favorites in parts 1 and 2 )
Paris with a Toddler

In August I shared my Tips for Better Toddler Photos and in September I shared my completely updated One Day Tourist Guide to Brooklyn.

 Tips for Better Toddler PhotosOne Day Guide to Brooklyn (printable)

In September we had a great time in Korea.  (yes you read that right, a transpacific flight with a toddler went right as rain)
 Visiting Korea with a Toddler

In October, we had a blast with a Ghostbusters theme for Halloween
 Ghostbuster Halloween Decor

And finally in December our Elf on the Shelf saw the sites of the city.  (See all of her snapshots here)

Hope you enjoyed both this and the DIY recap. Onwards and upwards to 2015!

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  1. Your photos are excellent. They each are magazine worthy.


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