Best of the Blog 2014: DIY

Hard to believe 2014 is nearly over but what better time for a look back?  Here are the most popular DIY posts of the year.

psst: I'm a sucker for a recap - if you shared your own recap post on your blog, please share it in the comments.

In January, I put some finishing touches on the man cave ....

In Feb, the hallway got a spruce up

In March, I made a custom growth chart for Aggie...

In May, Aggie dipped her toe into the dog eat dog world of NYC playhouse real estate...

In June, I built this farmers marker inspired display stand from scratch

In July we finally got to start using our newly redone shore kitchen. Still haven't quite finished accessorizing but there is always this summer.

In August, I shared the tiniest kitchen renovation in the form of Aggie's play kitchen.

In August, I finally built my kraft paper roll message center (that was so easy and quick I wonder why it took me so long to do!)

In September, I made over this trunk I found on the sidewalk into something more personal

In October, I shared the how-to on making an artwork hidden jewelry organizer...

In November, the dining room got an update. And finally in December I made my very own Rudolph.

So that was my year in DIY and decor.  Stay tuned this week for a recap of travel and entertaining highlights!


  1. Your projects never disappoint...I loved every last one of these!!!

  2. Anonymous9:56 PM

    That shore kitchen is still one of my favourites. And the hidden jewelry organizer is on my to-do list for our master bedroom makeover--our first DIY project for 2015.

    Thanks for the invitation to share my recap. My post is at

  3. What a great roundup! My blog is still a baby, but I did a top posts recap here:

    Happy New Year!

  4. Dayum. I guess I was simply....a slug. Comparatively! Love all of your creative energy!!

  5. Aggie is so SO cute!

  6. What a year! There were a few projects here I missed the first time around. Your blog continues to be one of my favorites - always such fun and fresh ideas. Love it all!


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