A moment of zen...

Pretty much every morning, I sit at this table to drink my wake up coffee in the early morning peace. This little dining room table garden is my view.  It's really no substitute for spring but I'm not complaining.

And yes, I have managed to keep these orchids alive by doing almost nothing to them for weeks.  How can I not love that?


  1. The orchid is beautiful! I have wanted to buy one but I know I will kill it within days.

  2. You....who is allergic to plants in the home. Coming around?? ;) Beautiful indeed!

  3. Our kitchen table has turned into a real jungle...totally surrounded by plants from Ikea. I just can't resist! Luckily, they are all still alive but give me time...

  4. Did you ever seal this table? We just got it and are toying with using monocoat to protect from rings, etc - thoughts?

    1. No we never did and now that I've had it a while, I'd say its not necessary. We don't baby it at all and it looks just like the day we purchased it. Granted, its very rough to start with so it would be hard to damage it in a way that would be obviously unintentional.

      The only thing you would have to be a bit careful with is spilling oily substances as that would slightly mark the wood but again, its hard to tell with the movement in the worn wood anyway.

      Hope that helps!


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