Black Ceiling Love

So you might remember I was a little bit on the fence about what color scheme I should go with for Aggie's big girl room.  I had a burning desire for a black ceiling but I was worried it might be a bit oppressive looking.  So glad I just pushed through because I love how it turned out with the stark white of the walls.
Obviously a lot more to do in here but I just had to share a peek in case.

Next up...a wall mural and a few other whimsical touches that will up the kid factor.  (don't worry - I promise it will look like a kids room when it's all done)

I'm undecided on the light fixture. I love how the brass pops against the black more than I expected so it might stay.

Anyone with suggestions for bedding, window treatments and storage pieces (or anything else) I'd love to hear them!


  1. The black ceiling totally works with the white medallion, dark window trims and white walls! I am in love with the Jim Thompson Ermania fabric Christine Dovey used in a roman shade. The pattern is lighthearted yet super elegant.

  2. In love with the ceiling. Gorgeous! Do you know what wall the bed will go on?

  3. I also love the brass next to the black so I would be sure to add some brass hardware to the dresser, closet door, toy chest etc. Anxious to see how it all turns out.

  4. I know the room is going to be amazing, and can't wait to see it.

  5. Love the black! It will seem like an endless sky when Aggie's lying in bed looking at it. Love the medallion and light fixture.

  6. Love the black ceiling! The brass chandelier really makes it great.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous and I agree that the brass pops and looks fabulous!

    You wouldn't want to go crazy with it, but I think a white with black polka dotted fabric would be nice French and chic! Maybe accent pillows? A really full back and white striped bedskirt?

    Y'all love Paris so much, I think a little Parisian flair would be fun. (And I don't mean Eiffel towers everywhere, just that kind of understated, yet chic look, which you rock anyway)

    When I am trying for a feminine but elegant look, I always think "What would Audrey (Hepburn) do?"

  8. I totally know what you mean. I've actually been looking for white bedding with black polka dots but have been coming up empty. I keep hoping I just happen to run across it one day.

    1. Surely you could have it made up? Is there a fabric district in NYC? I used to haunt the fabric district in Los Angeles, and was always able to find someone who had exactly what I was looking for and they always knew someone who could make what I needed!

    2. Perhaps but that would be very expensive to do. I know the minute I buy something crazy expensive, I'll see a dirt cheap option in Target the next day :)

    3. Ain't that the truth! I have had that happen more times than I care to think about...

      I know the perfect bedding will present itself eventually!


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