Hot or Not? Backyard Urban Oasis

When I saw this Brooklyn homeowner's backyard featured on Curbed, I couldn't help but marvel.

Not only did he build a two story tree house from scraps but he has an actual swimming hole and a koi pond out there.  I'm not sure I love the rag tag look but I have to give this guy kudos for being resourceful and making the most of his space.  What do you think?  Hot or not?


  1. Very hot. An oasis. Soothing.

  2. The only part I really disliked is the roof deck - it's too weedy looking for me.

    What I love most about it is the make-do attitude of using what you have. I would love it more with more hardscape & organization in the back yard & a less cluttered look but it's a paradise for growing children who really need tiime outside in an unformal space. I can so see my son & his friends playing for hours here when they were young.

    It actually looks a lot like many parts of rural America. I've lived 50 years in the country in three different states & many rural areas have glimpses of this. The treehouse reminds me of a playhouse my dad made for my sisters & me in our back woods out of scrap lumber & cardboard. We decorated with mom's cast-offs, stuff from the local dump(no trash pick up in our area) & whatever we found growing around us. Our carpet was transplanted moss from the woods.

    As a homewoner though, I'd want at least some of it to be more organized. As a parent I always have given the neighborhood kids a messy place to play in so I love that.

  3. LOVE, especially the water. It must feel like paradise in the midst of such a densely populated area.

  4. I always like to cheer on enthusiasm whatever the style. This took much, much effort and creates a relaxed and beautiful space to enjoy nature in an urban setting. Bravo! Love!

  5. I love the rag tag look. I'm not fond of formal gardens. Mother Nature is an informal gardener.


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