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You already know I have a love affair with a beautiful image but I've mostly keep that to myself.  A few years back, I sold some of my prints (the notion that an image I captured would grace a anyone's wall still thrills and honors me) but the admin was a bit of a bear.  So I've jumped on the bandwagon and switched over to Society6.

I've only added my very favorite images right now as a test.  I plan on adding more as time goes on but I wanted to let you know it was out there. You know, the whole bit about letting the universe in on your happiness..well here you go, universe.

I hope you'll take a peek around the shop. If you are in the shopping mood, you'll even get FREE SHIPPING when you click that link.

What do you think of the photos I've selected? Anything else I should add?


  1. Gorgeous darling...

  2. Gorgeous darling...

  3. Oooo I'll definitely be checking this out! Hope to see some from your travels - those are always my favorite :-)

  4. i love what you've chosen, especially the vintage cameras. I'd love to see more of New York and maybe a vintage typewriter?!! Gorgeous shots!


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