The Not So Terrible 2s + A Must Have List

Aggie is now 2.5 years old.  Which isn't really a milestone of any note but it seems like she has fully crossed into kid stage overnight.  Like some magical baby switch has been turned off when I wasn't paying attention.  She says things like "I've had enough" or "absolutely".  With each passing day I see the beautiful girl she is becoming and I'm so lucky to have her in my life but it's hard not feel my own mortality along the way.  Like sands in the hourglass... {insert melodramatic music here}

Short Sleeves. Finally.

Despite the "terrible two" warning, this stage is a lot of fun.  She loves to run and play. Her laugh is infectious. She remembers what happened yesterday and tells other people about it in her own funny way.  She knows what she likes and isn't afraid to tell me. Sometimes the terrible part does come out and I'll admit that isn't so fun but I just remind myself that this too shall pass (all too quickly!).  Slow down time - I'm not ready!

Terrible 2s Must Have list

So now we are in the thick of this stage, I thought I'd share our must have list for the not so terrible twos. These are items that are well loved and well worth the money in our household.

1. Mouseton Abbey Open the Flap Book  As a Downton devotee (why must it end??), I had to get this. Little did I know it would become a favorite with lots of flaps for little hands to explore.
2. HABA Wooden Toy Vegetables - We have had these for a while now and they continue to be a favorite. Withstand a ton of abuse and still look brand new. I can see them being a staple for years to come so I don't feel bad collecting every variety. (Totally for her, not for me at all!)
3. Thermos Funtainer - The name is terrible but this is the real deal.  Great for long summer days to keep littles hydrated.
4. Watercolor set - This one is from Ikea and does the job nicely with a good variety of colors at a reasonable price point.  Lots of fun with a big roll of white paper.
5. Magnetic letters - Comes in a storage jar and fun for her to play and learn with.  Also fun for the adults to spell out not so child friendly messages after the kiddies are in bed.
6. Rubber sneakers - Whether the native brand or the cheaper knock offs, these things are worth their weight.  Make for trips to the playground sprinklers, beach or pool a breeze.
7. Straw Hat - A brimmed hat in a neutral color finishes off every summer outfit and protects from the sun. Definite must for mom and baby.

I know there are some other toddler moms out there.  What are your favorite finds?


  1. She is such a cutie! Great picks, too.

  2. Must haves for our 22 month old son: Stickers!, Paint with Water books, Plain white undershirts - super cheap and great for playing outside and messy art projects, skid proof socks, blocks - any kind because he knocks them down over and over, hats - he's obsessed with hats, any hats!!!

    1. Oh those are good ones! Is there a watercolor book you recommend?

      Yes to non skid socks! I should have included that - those are a must!

    2. He loves loves Sesame Street, I found Elmo and Cookie Monster water color books at the dollar store. I haven't really seen any others. I can't wait to upgrade him to an easel so he can draw his own pictures.

  3. Had to get that book for my lady Mary fantasies.

    You need magnatiles for Christmas or gee next birthday. Get the real deal and the clear ones. Theyre the best building toy out there.

    1. Thanks Anne. Someone gave us Magnatile last Christmas and she really isn't so into them. Mostly because they tend to snap together and pinch her finger. But I'm sure she'll appreciate them more as she gets older.

  4. Published too soon! The magnatiles are fun for kids and adults alike, clean up in a breeze, and build up big but store in a small box. I've watched my kids (ages 0-8) play with them for hours, all together, without fussing. The baby knocks down the towers :) Get a big set!

  5. My son loved Popsicle sticks and Elmers glue. Oh, the hours we spent gluing sticks together and then, later, painting his creations. Cheap entertainment!

    1. Oh that's a great idea! Adding Popsicle sticks to the shopping list.

  6. It is amazing how fast they grow up.

    Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes. James 4:14

  7. Love the list..I have some stuff to add if I may:
    I thought bubbles is a must have for this age..and honestly, even at 11 Molly & her friends love bubbles.
    Sidewalk Chalk is a must- again even at 9 & 11 will draw on our driveway.
    A ball...all kids love to kick, catch and throw a ball
    a baby doll or special stuffed animal- it does not matter if you are a boy or a girl, a baby doll is fun to hold and sing to, read to, play with
    Something that makes music..whether it was Molly's Wiggles guitar or Jason's little drums, children should learn that music is fun and you can be a rock star

  8. Two is the best year ever. Then three runs you over like a freight train. I term it the highest of of highest and the lowest of lows...and never anything in between. Wonderful list.

  9. We love our Natives, too!!

  10. I'd have to say my 19 month DD loves her Lego Duplos. we have a set that makes a house and we both have fun renovating and rebuilding every few days.
    agatha is just big!

  11. This is perfect I am off to pin. I was just talking to my husband about what we will need when our little one comes home because the age will be around 2 and this is a good start. Thanks!


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