6 Subtle + Easy Halloween Decorations

Ok so perhaps subtle Halloween decor is not what I'm known for but I can still appreciate it in its finer forms. Even in my Halloween gusto, I still appreciate those little details and try to incorporate them wherever I can. Here are 6 of my favorite easy to recreate, subtle Halloween decorations you still have plenty of time to complete before All Hallows.

1. You can put googly eyes on just about anything (a plastic cup, artwork, etc.) and you have instant spook factor. Takes a moment but has a great impact.
2. A white pumpkin with a mess of drippy matte black paint is classic yet unsettling. via dwell
3. Plastic vampire fangs placed around a napkin.  Instant genius Halloween dinner party setting.  via food network
4. Put a mask on it. Nuff said?  Image from our Raven party shoot via BHG Tricks + Treats
5. Pre cut paper bats flying off into the night or into your living room.  Simple but impactful.
6. Spray paint some found branches makes for a cheap and fabulous arrangement via Sunset


  1. Would you mind posting the Branches picture? It looks like you posted the pumpkins on stairs one instead. Thanks

  2. The fangs as napkin holder killed me. ;)


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