Christmas Mail 2015: Oh Deer!

This year's Christmas mail was simple and sweet.  A ceramic antler bottle opener with a tag wishing our friends and family a Merry Christmas. Getting a photo of all three of us looking into camera was harder than I expected but thank goodness for a selfie stick!

If you are new to Brooklyn Limestone you might be wondering what Im talking about it.  Each year we send out a little gift with our Christmas cards.  Prior years have included elfish socks, "reMARKable" (get it?) markers, seasonings greetings, merry mints, mistletoe prep, tea towels and lots more. It's our fun little tradition and I hope our christmas card list enjoy the little surprise every year.


  1. I look forward to what you send out every year. Been a follower since before the litte one. She is getting so big. Thanks for posting.

  2. Same! I wait every year to see what the gift is! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Gorgeous cards....Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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