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Thank you so much for your kind words on our little announcement.  You've definitely made me feel a bit better about that one to two transition.  Feel free to drop encouraging words about how your second was super easy and slept through the night from day one anytime the mood strikes.  Now that the secret is out, I feel like time is speeding up.  Just 5 months left of my relative normalcy - so I feel like I have to pack it all in.  Yet, napping sounds good too!

Speaking of packing it in, we are planning a couple of trips - one to London and one to Disney world - both should be relatively laid back since we've done them before but I'd love suggestions for preschool set. As you can probably guess, the Disney trip is all about Aggie's last hooray.  You know how there is a name for bachelor parties and baby moons?  What's the name for the trip you take before you are usurped by a helpless newborn as queen bee?  I don't know but it certainly should have a name!

You would think we would have mastered London by now but each time you visit with a child, its a very different experience.  We visited when she was just a baby (see: London with a Baby) but it's a whole new ball game now!  So lay it on me - what should we do and see?

Moving on, my brother is tackling the messy bits of the country cottage renovation so its will be time for some design soon. Hooray!  He has already installed some lighting, taken down a few walls and made lots of necessary repairs. Paint is coming next and it's all getting a lot of white which I think is going to make such a beautiful canvas in here.  Lots more to come.

Last but not least, I'm dipping my toe back into a DIY with a little blogger collaboration and Home Depot.  We will all be putting our own spin on a super easy DIY wooden doormat and sharing our versions next Monday. I hope you'll drop by to check out my version along with lots of other inspiration from That's My Letter, Fix This Build That, House of Wood and more! Want to build your own?  The Home Depot hosts free workshops where they will teach you exactly how to do it yourself.  Reserve your spot at your local Home Depot to take part.


  1. Our 5 year old loved seeing Big Ben, riding up top on a double-decker (she didn't care where we went!) and taking a Thames cruise out to Greenwich passing lots of sights. Greenwich was a great day out with pie at Goddards, and the Royal Observatory with awesome park and playground nearby. We visited on a day when there was a food market near the Cutty Sark and the indoor food market/crafts market was open so we had good street food too with a splash in the splash fountain. We took the cruise back but next time we'd ride the DLR. Have a great time!

  2. Our two-year-old adored all we did, but YOU must do this if you get 90 minutes to yourself one night. Do a night tour.

  3. We did Disney with my toddler in December, both to celebrate his second birthday and knowing it would be our last trip as a family of three before his baby brother arrived. I was 30 weeks at the time and even just doing half days at the park was pushing my physical limits for walking, riding, etc. Take it easy, work your fastpasses, and stay on property close to the parks if you can (we enjoyed Wilderness Lodge and being a boat ride away from Magic Kingdom). Enjoy!

  4. Many moons ago my husband and I took our two sons (ages 7 and 10months) to Europe for two months. Husband was working for most of the time. Two weeks were in England. We rented a self catering apartment in Eton just across the bridge from Windsor Castle. We really liked Windsor - easy to walk to the train to get into London, the castle is so much more accessible than Buckingham Palace and there is a daily parade at the palace. We rented a car and took the kids to Legoland, went to Oxford and the Cotswolds. My 7yo tolerated the British Museum for about an hour.

  5. Well, I took three kids with me to China. One was not yet 3 y.o. and we were adopting a 2 y.o. That is a looong fight. They all loved it. The best part for them was probably airplane food and eating in hotels. : - ) For me I had a blast. The kids were super good because it was so exciting for them.

  6. Congratulations darling momma-to-be. Baby 2 is easier because you don't hover, but harder because you are more tired. Easier because your 5 yr old can help take care of you, harder because you want to respond to their needs too. Easier and harder. Here's what is the easiest of all . .
    "with the first child, i learned how deep the river of love runs, but with the others, how wide" .. . for me, i found it best to consider it as exciting as a new love affair . . .i never complained over losing sleep for that . ..practice resting and teaching ag to take care of you by quietly self entertaining for the duration of a kitchen timer-ed nap . . she can learn to turn it off and softly be your alarm clock!

  7. While searching for outdoor musical gardens, came upon this lovely little museum and garden in London. I haven't been but looks like great fun for children check it out here:

  8. A bit behind on my blog reading, but I thought I'd throw in my own experience on 2 (congratulations by the way!!) Ours are 2.5 years apart and my second one was more challenging (reflux, less willing to go to other people) but also easier because she slept well, and newborn needs in general are more predictable than those of a toddler. Accept all the help that's offered and enjoy alone time with each kid when you can get it!
    We took my son to Disneyland before his sister was born and it was the best! Enjoy! :)


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