Traveling Edinburgh with Kids

Last month we visited Edinburgh with kids without much expectation or planning and it was wonderful. This was our last big trip before baby Oscar's grand arrival.  Our first and targeted stop was Copenhagen but we had a few extra days in the trip to burn so we figured we could stop off at another city on the way home.  Edinburgh, in Scotland, turned out to be the most convenient with flight availability so off we went. Edinburgh with kids where they can ride the carousel at Edinburgh Castle

Traveling Edinburgh With Kids - a Wonderful Suprise

Edinburgh is a small city packed with interesting sites as well as great transportation and yummy food.  What else could I ask for? The one downside is that Edinburgh is made of fairly steep hills so climbing staircases and walking incline is mandatory.  Not usually a problem but while 8 months pregnant, it was a bit of a challenge but so worth it.
Edinburgh with a toddler EdinburghJuly2016 (15 of 34)160709 We spent a little time almost every day in the Princes Street Garden park - specifically the adorable castle themed playground that sits in the shadow of the real Edinburgh castle.

Sightseeing in Edinburgh with Kids

In terms of sightseeing, we stopped at Edinburgh Castle, the Georgian House and the Hop On/Hop Off Tour as well as make a stop at Stockbridge, Edinburgh's Sunday food market and Greyfriars Kirkyard the Cemetery surrounding The Kirk. Edinburgh with a toddler www.brooklynlimestone.comEdinburgh with a toddler

Where to Stay when Visiting Edinburgh with Kids

We stayed in a great apartment hotel called Old Town Chambers which is located in the heart of the old city and had a kitchen and separate bedroom which made for a much more enjoyable few days (I just love going to the supermarket everywhere I go so having a kitchen makes shopping a lot more fun!) Edinburgh with a toddler www.brooklynlimestone.comEdinburgh with a toddler But mostly we wandered around admiring the beautiful architecture, browsing the shops and noshing on whatever we came across.  The weather threatened rain the entire time but we barely felt a drop come down so we got very lucky (or maybe that is just the way it always is there?). Edinburgh with a toddler www.brooklynlimestone.comEdinburgh with a toddler Edinburgh with a toddler www.brooklynlimestone.comVisiting Greyfriars Kirk when traveling Edinburgh with kids In short we really enjoyed touring Edinburgh with kids and hope to make it back soon.  In terms of child friendliness, we felt very at ease with a 3 year old and a lightweight stroller.  We didn't get a chance to take a tour of the countryside which I would have absolutely loved to do but now we have a great reason to return.


  1. Love Edinburgh! My BFF lives there so pre-kids I went often. Just love Stockbridge. When she had her two kids (and I had none), I went for two week stints to help with the newborns when they first came home and I loved wandering the city with the very little babies in a front carrier and later on in their lives, a stroller. Her kids were both born in November, so it was dark for much of the day and actually kind of cozy - imagine that whole park area lit up with lights from 2:30 pm on and a spectular holiday craft booth area! Last summer, because time actually flies, I sent my 16 year old to spend part of the summer with them and he loved the city too!

  2. I'm so pleased you loved our fabulous city! There are so many great places to explore and visit. If you come back I recommend the museum on Chamber Street, The Museum of Childhood in the Royal Mile, a wander in Holyrood Park (and up Arthur's Seat if you are feeling fit) and a stroll through the Meadows (it has another fantastic play park). If you are venturing outside the city Roslyn Chapel as stunning as is the surrounding countryside and Glen it sits in, Vogrie country park is vast and very child friendly (no public cars allowed outside the car park) and the Scottish Mining Museum is fascinating.

    If you can put up with crowds, festival time is a good time to visit (August). Lots of shows, street food, street entertainment but it is exceptionally busy and more expensive.

    Again I'm so glad you had a good time in Edinburgh!

  3. Looks so beautiful! Great shots.

  4. We loved Edinburgh too. Such a nice change of pace after London and the train from London to Edinburgh is great. Love the scotch eggs pic!

  5. Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! Love these photos--and adding Edinburgh to my list. What camera are you using these days?


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