Things I'm L♥ving for September

Goodbye summer, hello September. It's been a bit of a crazy month but I have some favorite products I've been meaning to share with you since the last l♥ving post . If you need a break from buying backpacks and lunch pails, here are some great little treats for you! #treatyoself

DIY Bath Bomb Kit
  My daughter loves those fizzy bath bombs so when I stumbled upon a make your own kit, I thought she would enjoy it. Made for some perfect mother daughter time (which I think she is really craving now that the baby is here) and was super easy. Now if you wanted to make a lot more than 9 and save some $$, you would be better off just buying the individual ingredients separately but I was aiming for ease. Either way - give a try!

Yoga Skirt These are just as comfortable as yoga pants but one step up from wearing pajamas outside. I ordered it thinking it would be good for that transitional post baby time but honestly I don't think I'll be parting with these anytime soon.  Pair with a tshirt and cute sandals and you almost feel like a human again.

Enamel Bread Box If you hate counter clutter like I do, this is a winner.  Instead of seeing all the random loaves I had sitting out before, I can stuff them all in here and it looks clean as can be. And its super cute - faux vintage meets function.  I use it for bread (how boring!) but it would also make a cool catch all for chips or other foodstuffs.  If I didn't use it for bread, I'd drill some holes in it and use it as a hidden charging station.

Janet Hill Tote Bag Hello, my name is Stefanie and I'm a tote bag hoarder.  I really don't need another but Janet Hill started selling some of her amazing paintings in tote bag form and I'm totally hooked.  I'm tempted to get her children's book, Miss Moon, but I think my daughter is a tad too young just yet.

Too Faced Primer I'm not someone who likes to have a lot in my makeup bag. I'm all about simplicity.  So the idea of primer sort of puts me off.  Who wants another step?  But this stuff really works - either under makeup or used alone. It's not cheap but it lasts forever!

Brass Champagne Bucket  Ok, to be honest I don't have a lot of occassion to crack open bottles of champagne but this bucket just looks so lovely (even if it's just holding spare change) that I have to have it.  It would look especially cute with some beautiful blossoms hanging out or you know, champagne.

Sip + Gulp Mugs If you follow a lot of home bloggers on instagram, you will probably notice that everyone has these Rae Dunn mugs. I somehow missed the memo and am behind the times.  That said, I have a 3 week old baby and there are many cups of coffee being consumed around here. Might as well be trendy while getting my fix!

Bullet Journal Supplies I've recently started to bullet journal in an attempt to be more mindful about my time.  Not sure if it will work but it's worth a try.  Plus an excuse to have a cute notebook and colorful pens.  I'm using this Moleskine Dotted along with Staedtler Pens.  And in case you have no idea what bullet journaling is (neither did I a few weeks ago!), check out this link for some inspiration.

Mouse Card Holder Do you rock a mean cheese plate when you have guests over? If the answer is yes, you need these little friends to label your varieties.  Super cute!

Ok so there you have it - my favorite little treats this year so far!

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