DIY Ring Valentines + Free Printable

I'm probably violating some kind of blogger rule here but I tend to do holiday projects at about the same time the holiday occurs.  Which is why I'm sharing this just one day before Valentine's Day.  Ok shoot me - I'm a last minute mom.  That said, I think these turned out pretty cute.

Not pictured (because I was just too lazy to take more photos) is how Aggie wrote her name on the back of each one and water colored each gem.  She also stuffed the bags so I could put the hang tags on. Obviously I did a lot of the work here but I wanted to do it with her, not for her - and these ticked the box.

I used these flashing sparkly rings loaded into small ziploc bags but you could just as easily slap these tags on a prepackaged ring pops and call it a day.

Any other last minute moms need a hand?  You can crank out a classroom quantity of these in no time. Download the free printable here.

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  1. Adorable, as usual. You're so creative and it sounds like Miss Aggie is taking after you!


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