Magnolia Market Madness!

Earlier this month I made my visit, er blogger pilgramage, to the Fixer Upper mothership in Waco, Texas: Magnolia Market

Not exactly the most convenient shopping trip from Brooklyn but I was in Austin, Texas for a girl's weekend so I knew I had to go. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but it turned out to be a lovely way to spend a few hours.

Let's get the not so great bits out of the way. First, the place is mobbed. This is coming from someone who is used to be crushed with people on the subway everyday so it really is crowded. I didn't find browsing in the shop to be so relaxing b/c I was getting pushed this way and that.

Second negative is that we visited on a day it had rained the night before and the outdoor area was a muddy mess. Not a big deal but should you go on a wet day, bring your wellies.

On to the positive elements. The displays are beautifully done and quite inspiring. The style that made the whole country fall in love with Chip + Jo is very much present in everything. The staff are super sweet and helpful. Maybe everyone in Texas is as nice but coming from NYC, its a lovely treat. The prices are not crazy. You won't find any super deals either but considering the crowds, they could probably charge twice as much and still be packed. The bakery serves up really yummy cupcakes and cookies - the line is long but it moves relatively quickly. The outdoor area is fabulous - even in the mud I was impressed - a great large area for playing, swings, gardens, etc. You can tell this place was made with family in mind which is pretty amazing. The whole complex is a little slice of fun for anyone decor obsessed.

So all in all, a great day out and worth a stop if you are in the area.


  1. Ah...Since I live in Dallas and have made the trip to Waco myself, I thought I would throw in my 2 cents.

    The weekend we decided to make the trip to Magnolia Market it was not raining but WINDY as all get out and cold. As long as we were inside it wasn't bad but if you wanted to enjoy the food trucks there wasn't any place to get out of the wind. It was pretty crowded the day I went but I think the 40 mph winds kept some people away. I agree the prices aren't too bad and the displays are very appealing. I am glad you experienced the "southern hospitality" I would like to say everyone in Texas is nice but.... Chip and Jo have made quite a name for themselves and very much deserved. I love their show. I hope to go back to Waco one day when the winds are calm rain.

    1. True - a windy day would detract as well. I just assume the weather is always more pleasant down there than here but I'm sure there are off days. I still love the model of someplace to play while mom shops - I wish more stores had that!

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  3. Love magnolias! I'm planning to plant some in my garden this spring. Do you know what's the best time to do that?


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