Trends I Defend: Coffee Bar

You might notice I don't often talk about what is on or off trend here.  That's mostly because I feel like almost anything - whether super new or seen everywhere - can be done well, when done right.   So rather than bashing what's out, I thought it would be fun to discuss some great trends (despite being oft seen) we can defend.

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As someone with a small kitchen this is a favorite. Kitchen coffee bars - little stations where a homeowner's coffee maker, cups and fixings are all out and at the ready.  A luxury I so wish I had the room for since my coffee consumption has skyrocketed since having kids.  I like to think of it as the modern bar cabinet.  Who needs booze when you can have caffeine?

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While an elaborate station is pretty swoon worthy, I've seen some lovely takes on it using rolling carts, 3 tiered trays and simple baskets like the examples above.

I don't have a full on coffee bar but I do have my coffee corner but it's just not the same as having everything out and ready to go any time you need a boost.  My next kitchen will definitely have one.

What do you think about this trend?  Is it here to stay?  Do you have a coffee corner?  Is it as functional as you imagined it?


  1. In our house the coffee bar is essential. Our coffee area is the only functional spot in our kitchen. We are still waiting on a plumbing inspection which means no range and no sink. However, I have an extension cord from the hall stung up for our electric tea kettle and espresso machine. Even with the house in complete chaos, I have tiny corner that makes me happy each time I use it.

  2. we have one in our's so handy!! I love your man and woman mugs..So Cute!!!

  3. I have an area of countertop near my sink for a coffee bar; I love it! I enjoyed seeing the examples you used today.

  4. No coffee bar here. We do not drink coffee. I tried about chocolate station, but everyone forgot about it. It seemed to blend as a decor piece.

  5. Anonymous12:11 PM

    I have a little corner next to the sink with my sugar and creamer set with the maker. I don't know if i'd use all the fixing with my coffee so It would just take up space. Plus I'm Old fashioned I have an old Mr. Coffee instead of the new Keurigs...but yes got to have a space designated to making the joe.


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